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"XX - Double Shot" Dual Boost coming soon to the PCB Shop!

When one boost is not enough the brand new  XX Double Shot from GuitarPCB will expand your sonic palette allowing you to fully explore two unique boost tones either separately or in tandem.

Achieve chimey cleans to powerful chunky chords. Hot tube saturation with a slight compression.

Yes, it is completely Moddable too!

More versatile than any Super Duperâ„¢ could possibly hope for! Be as light or aggressive as you desire! Includes Volume Controls for each channel.

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GuitarPCB Beginner Build Guide - Courtesy of Trom72
An illustrated guide for "Newbies" and a refresher course for amateurs!

Crash Course [Guide #1]
Soldering tips and other "How-To" guides for the beginner.

Crash Course [Guide #2]
Condensed guides, diagrams, discussion of parts & components.

Layout Gallery - Details on Mods and Updates for all GuitarPCB circuits.
Tips, Tricks & Tutorials - A massive collection of answers and innovative ideas.

Combo Pedal Guide - Getting Creative with Playsforfun's awesome guide.

How to Upload Photos with our Free Photo Gallery courtesy of Billy

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Pedals built by Members of GuitarPCB Videos. Updated 1/27

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We are environmental friendly. There would be a minimum of (8) pages which is not enough for "Newbies" and more likely (25 to 100) pages needed depending on any given persons "skill set" that will not be physically mailed.
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Das Musikding = GuitarPCB Kits & Boards in Europe

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*Das Musikding cannot honor USA Sales or Codes the same as we would not use theirs.

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