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GuitarPCB Beginner Illustrated Build Guide
Illustrated Builders Guide for "Newbies" or a refresher course for amateurs!

Layout Gallery - Comprehensive Guides for every board we carry. Always read this before building!

Crash Course [Guide #1] - Crash Course guides will prevent common mistakes.

Crash Course [Guide #2] - Advanced discussion of parts, components, voltages and biasing.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials - Massive collection of answers and innovative ideas.

Combo Pedal Build Guide - Getting Creative with Playsforfun's awesome Combo Build guide.

How to Upload Photos with our Free Photo Gallery courtesy of Billy

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PedalPartsAndKits - North America (50+ kits)! - USA GuitarPCB Authorized Kit Sales

KIT distributors are conveniently located in USA (PedalPartsandKits) and Europe (Das Musikding)!

Some great reasons for buying a GuitarPCB Authorized Kit:
  • Precision drilled enclosures that match our circuits perfectly
  • Proper component sizes and values (All Guaranteed Genuine) No fake IC's or bad transistors.
  • Authorized Kits get FREE forum support
  • One Price, One Source. Saves time and multiple shipping fees from different sources.

Note from GuitarPCB - Build Documents must be downloaded! - We do not "Mail" Hard Copy Build Documents.

Das Musikding = GuitarPCB Kits & Boards in Europe

Das Musikding offers GuitarPCB Authorized PCBs and KITs direct from Europe!

  • Save on Customs and Shipping time.
  • Precision drilled enclosures that match our circuits perfectly
  • Guaranteed genuine parts!
  • No Customs hassles or extra charges for European Customers.

Note: Das Musikding does not honor GuitarPCB DIRECT Sales or Coupons the same as we would not use theirs.

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