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For my Demo, I have the Angry Red Camel first in line from the guitar input, then from the output of that to the input of the Emerald Ring. The Output of the Emerald Ring is then wired to the Output Jack.


Emerald Ring is designed to be an easy add-on , to just about any Fuzz, or Gain circuit you wish to add an Octave tone to. By driving the Emerald Ring with a Fuzz Face [nice tonal variety] or other, such as Angry Red Camel (Super Red Llama™;), Emexar 2 (Dist+™;), result in much stronger octave/harmonics.


FX gurus will remember at some point Way Huge marketed a couple of octave effects. The Purple Platypus™ and the Piercing Moose™ . Now you may build a similar project and save the $500+ price tag on eBay. Also trying different diodes, such as Germanium, you may also achieve other wonderful tones as used by the Foxx Tone Machine™, Superfuzz™, Kay, and others.

The Emerald Ring works extremely well with Fuzz Face, Tonebender, Big Muff, Emexar 2, and other Fuzz/Gain circuits. The sky is the limit where creativity is concerned. Just drive the Emerald Ring, in series with your favorite circuit, for an always on application.

Mod: When using with a Fuzz a mod  is to swap the 47k resistor in R13 with a 120k to tame the volume of Emerald Ring when used as a separate circuit with a Fuzz Face style circuit.

It would be prudent to socket this resistor to determine the best value for your build.

Build Document

Courtesy of Billy!

What about hooking it up with a Fuzz that already has an on-board 3PDT? - Yes it can be done all you are doing is joining the OUT 'T' from the first board to the IN of the second just run a wire from the OUT - T - tip of the DSOTM to lug 2 of the emerald ring 3PDT switch. Anyway like this make sure your jacks are grounded as well

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