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Build Document

I want to explain with photos why ours are so much better than others out there because (some can actually create double the work) so (see below) why we believe our 3PDT Wiring Boards not only decrease the work but also make for a build that uses shorter wiring thus creating a neater and more professional quality build.

You can use our 3PDT Wiring Board for just about any circuit board from any company.

Not just ours.

Here are a few other important reasons. Each 3PDT Wiring Board contains:

  • Bi-Color Ready Use a common anode Bi-Color LED (or standard) from the PCB Shop
  • (3) 9v pads allowing you to easily connect power for combo builds and add-on modules
  • (6) Ground pads Perfect for combo builds, add-on modules and shorter, neater wiring
  • Low Profile - (2) Wiring Boards side by side in a 125B (in portrait) with corner notches
  • LED is board mountable (center) for an unmovable LED to enclosure above foot-switch
  • Current Limiting Resistor On-board CLR saving you wire and thus creating a neat build
  • Design Feature is symmetrical with the enclosure saving wire and creating a neater build
  • Eliminate "Star Grounding" utilizing all board copper for a secure common grounding
  • Shielded Cable is extremely easy to use with our conveniently located Ground Pads

Here are a few pictures to demonstrate:

Notice how neatly he fit a total of (3) circuits (if you include the Emerald Ring on the side) with both the Plexi Plus and the P.U.F.F. aka Pump'd Up Fuzz Face inside of a 125B enclosure. You can achieve results like this easily with our 3PDT Wiring Boards because of the extra pads we provide, symmetrical design as well as the convenient corner notches.

Or in this case (7) circuits as seen in the photo below:

Plan as many as you need:

And another:

Or perfect for (using shielded wire)

Note (2) of our GBOF (16 in 1) Fuzz circuits in series connected easily and neatly with shielded cable thanks to the extra ground pads on our 3PDT Wiring boards.

Yes shielded cable like RG-174 Mini Coax is great for shielding the input of a pedal against noise in high gain circuits, Fuzz and Tube circuits. With our wiring boards this simple and easy.

Here is a closeup of how he shielded the input directly to our wiring board:

Really the sky is the limit and while there are other 3PDT Wiring Boards out there I would like to think ours are simply the best for combo builds, builds with add-ons and so much more. I hope you all agree.

GuitarPCB is more about being creative and sharing innovative ideas with each other and creating unique projects as opposed to just "painting by numbers" the latest (clone) type. Our wiring boards are just one way we do this easily.

Please note you may download the photos for a more detailed view in your personal photo viewer however please keep in mind our GuitarPCB diagrams and build documents are only to be linked from our site on other forums.

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