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By request this version is for those that want to squeeze the famous Stage 3 Tone Boost into even smaller places including 1590A's, Combo Pedals, On-Board Guitar Preamps, Phase Correction & more!

Use as an On-Board Guitar Preamp discussion. Now made easier with smaller footprint.

Board Dimensions only (W x H) 1.08” x 1.09”

This is an amazing Tone Boost that will bring life back to your Guitar and Amp combo and also add some sparkle to your other Dirt and Overdrive pedals!

Amazing for Bass too  it is just a simple Cap change via an on board switch.

Thehe Stage 3 Booster Mini works great as a phase switch with the Buff N Blend circuit when adding multiple effects or a single effect that is non-inverting. You simply add the tiny Stage 3 in series on a toggle and flip it for instant phase correction!

Stage 3A V.1 Build Documents


If you are looking for the current & popular Stage 3 Booster with on-board 3PDT it's HERE.

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