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A fantastic new guide by playsforfun with pictures to show ideas building combo pedals.

While this is a Stevie Ray style build it can be applied to any combo.

It is also a Photo Essay as a picture can be worth a 1,000 words.

Download Playsforfuns Combo Build Guide.  <----

In the Build Guide link there are a two other examples including a Modulation Combo,

which uses the D'Lay, Tap Tempo and our Mini-Me Chorus. An amazing combo.

Also a Drive Combo featuring the Colortone Overdrive (CTO) and Stage 357 circuits.

Check it out and give thanks!

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Many thanks to PFF for this superb guide!  It really demonstrates some great tips for making combos.  I agree that combo pedals offer a great space savings as well as a financial savings.



I just LOVE Wires and Sparks!

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PFF, I don't even know why I would post another picture of one of my builds after this!! This is art!! The guide is great and your step by step helped me with both of my PLAIN combos. Fantastic.
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