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A simple guide to posting pictures using your Free GuitarPCB Photo Gallery Account.

While this is a Free Service there are (2) very important items:

  1. Please create only (1) folder per member for all of your pictures. You can sub-divide them within.
  2. If using it for troubleshooting remove it when finished! Troubleshoot threads also require voltages.

Here is the Handy PDF Guide by our Moderator Billy:

Please proudly post your finished builds in our forum and others using this free hosting service we provide to all of our Members. Thank you and enjoy!

How to post Pictures Guide - PDF

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New Update as of August 2017 - You must manually activate FLASH even when installed.

You must use a browser that supports FLASH

iPads do not support Flash.

Read this super easy link to learn how to ADD FLASH plugin to your browser.

New Browsers as of August 2017 now require you to "Activate Plugins" like FLASH.

If you do not "Activate FLASH" you will not see the UPLOAD PHOTO BUTTON!

Here is a quick GuitarPCB Video Tutorial via

(You need to "Activate FLASH" there also) This is new to all sites with all browsers.

You will only need to "Activate FLASH" once per trusted site with any browser.

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