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Recently ProGuitarShop posted an excellent article on True-Bypass which features great information old and new why you may want to re-think True Bypass on your pedals. This is not to say everything is black and white. But in the article they answer some questions and cover ground that is easy for everyone to understand.

The article is called "The Myth About True Bypass"

I personally agree all pedal boards or "groups of pedals" need at least (1) Quality Buffer.

Personally I prefer at least (2) and depending on the pedal some just sound better with one.

Adding (1), (2) or more quality buffers to your signal path cannot hurt. Not having any buffer at all means capacitance builds up and all the high end gets siphoned out.

All it takes is 17 feet of cable. - Heck I use (2) ten footers just to connect to my pedal board.

Then my guess is there is another (6) to (12) feet of patch cables depending on my mood.....

One thing that was not mentioned (considering a buffer is beneficial) and needs to be addressed is the fact that people switch out gear all the time (think about that) so if you are giving or selling pedals to people you may want to consider a Quality Buffer like our 3PDT Buffer Boards, our Silent Tuning Buffer Boards and of course for at the end of a chain (dirt or next to amp) the Stage 3 Booster can't be beat for making everything sound better. So if a guy hooks up (2) cables equaling 20' feet of cable to your pedal and wonders why his (your) "whatever" Pedal sounds like "poo" then unplugs your pedal and takes 10' feet of cable straight from Guitar to the amp and says "See it sounds better without a pedal."

Bass Players are notorious for this around my area.

So the point is it's not necessarily the pedal! I have demonstrated this to local bands many times at Jam Nights etc... It never fails me. It also makes me a few bucks.  ;)

Bring a Stage 3 Booster (Bass Ready) and a few Buffered Pedals (your favorite choices) then hand out your little "puppy dogs" to all the players to try out. Then ask for them back!

Open wallet or "Free" PayPal Swipe Card and accept $$$.  I have, it's called Bardel Pedals.

I have several boutique dealers (who will remain nameless) buy our 3PDT Buffer Boards in bulks of 25, 50 and 100 at a time every few months for a reason. That reasoning is discussed in the article.

Read the article and give it some thought. It's up to you of course, this is just some good info for thought.

Hope that helps.

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