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The Killer Bee does more than just make honey! All the sweet tone you would expect when plugged into a clean amp that cleans up with your guitar volume and amount of pick attack.

Alternatively, and where this circuit shines, is for those using an already overdriven tube amp. This allows you to push your amp into a “natural sounding” distortion with articulate noise free sustain.

What makes our version “Killer” is the addition of a foot switchable boost for even more sustain and volume. Instantly add more gain and sustain under any setup than could not be achieved using a similar circuit and still have the ultimate in touch sensitive expression.

Build Document

Build Document updated 10/14/2016

More Mod Ideas!!

Optional Roto-Tone guide and wiring footswitches with LED indicators instead of toggles.

Additional mod: Use Roto-Tone with trimmers for (4) Boost settings also by replacing R15.

Simply add a 100k trimmer to all 4 pads and adjust each one to a different level! WOW!!!

These are considered mods. Mods typically do not come with Kits. Ask for additional parts.



Our unique boards are for comparison and education only and are not intended to be represented as clones or copies.

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Courtesy of Wilkie1 the Killer Bee Boost Control Mod:

How convenient to remove two resistors from the Main Board and simply add a 100K Volume pot to control the amount of Boost you want vs. having a "set boost" via the "stock" build.

One note: Anything below 1:00 will attenuate. Anything over 1:00 will be a varying amount of boost. Very important: If you have the boost pot set too low you will not have enough volume over unity when in boost mode.

These are considered mods and any mod parts would not come with kits.

Thanks to Wilkie1 for thinking of and doing the layout for this mod!


Recommended accessories:

1. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms™ .

2. 3PDT Wiring Boards .

3. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire.

4. DPDT Wiring Boards - Perfect for Mods

5. DC Power Jacks 2.1mm

6. Common Anode LED (Optional to Standard LED)

7. Plastic Bezels for Common Anode LEDs

8. Pot Condoms for mounting in tight quarters over potentiometers

9. GPCB Secure Mounts - For mounting with room to spare

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