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Hi, I just finished the Killer Bee pedal. It's sounds great, but I wonder about the function of the gain pot. After the first quarter , I can not hear any big changes in the distortion. Is that normal or is there something wrong? With regards from Germany
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The Killer Bee is based mostly off the HoneyBee™ or UberBee™ style circuits but with some very nice enhancements which is a low gain pedal to start with so yes that is normal.

It is meant to be used in tandem with amp saturation or even another overdrive pedal to give you a nice boost of tone or crank it up for even more.

We've also added an extra boost stage. Hint: Always make sure that Boost potis or potentiometer is turned up to at least 1:00 for unity gain or higher for a sweet boost. If it is lower than 1:00 it attenuates the signal which will lower the output.

It will react completely different on different amps and guitars and pickups.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks Barry! I using this pedal a few weeks and I have to say that I don't like it to play with a Les Paul, because it produce a kind of "agressiv" overdrive! Now I own a Fender Elite Strat since a few days and with this guitar I love the Killer Bee Pedal! With the Neck Pickup it produce a nice warm's very useable for a Kind of "Texas Blues Sound" I think if you play it thrue a clean amp. Nice Pedal!
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