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Remember those Vibrolicious Tones inspired by guitar greats like Trower and Hendrix? Now you can build your very own Vibe pedal without the complexity of a large boards or huge part count. It requires a perfectly matched quad set of 2N5952 FETs .

Build Document

Watch the Video:

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500k vs. 100k Potentiometer:

500k works fine however too many people do not hear the extremely slow side of the sweep (which means people do not find use for the first 25% of the pot sweep) so a 100k gives more usable range of the entire rotation of the pot while maintaining the SLOW sound. Neither is technically wrong. The BOM is always our suggestion but feel free to try both if you want to experiment.

There is no other noticable difference other than the minor use of the range of the pot.

Recommended accessories:

1. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms™ .

2. 3PDT Wiring Boards .

3. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire.

4. DPDT Wiring Boards - Perfect for Mods

5. DC Power Jacks 2.1mm

6. Common Anode LED (Optional to Standard LED)

7. Plastic Bezels for Common Anode LEDs

8. Pot Condoms for mounting in tight quarters over potentiometers

9. GPCB Secure Mounts - For mounting with room to spare

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