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One thing I believe builders of pedals (especially non-players) do not take seriously enough is pedal order. I have written articles and made charts before but then I saw this excellent, professionally done Sweetwater Demo which covers everything you need to know in ten minutes it might well be the most important ten minutes you spend to make sure your tone is at peak performance. Yes this is that important to understand.

After watching the video you will also understand why I always mention pedal order when people wonder if their build sounds correct. Please take the time to enjoy this entire presentation.

Enjoy the Video:

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Skip to video segments using the timeline below:

  1. Conventional Pedal Order – :44
  2. Pedalboard Overview – 1:20
  3. Wah and Overdrive Placement – 2:54
  4. Wah/Overdrive Playing Examples – 3:05
  5. Compressor Placement – 3:39
  6. Compressor Playing Examples – 4:21
  7. Modulation and Overdrive – 5:08
  8. Modulation and Overdrive Playing Examples – 5:23
  9. Time-based Effects and Overdrive – 5:58
  10. Time-based Effects and Overdrive Playing Examples – 6:21
  11. Volume Pedal and Overdrive Order – 7:28
  12. Volume Pedal and Overdrive Playing Examples – 8:10
  13. Volume Pedal and Time-based Effects Order – 9:06
  14. Volume Pedal and Time-based Effects Playing Examples – 9:42
  15. Wrap Up – 10:51

A big thanks to for making this available.

Well done and it is absolutely critical to crafting your tone!

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