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Now find additional information, build examples, mods and more for many boards we carry in a handy alphabetical list with direct links to take you to the section you want without the need to search all five pages. Note that Mods are used at your own risk and mods do not come with kits. If you need mod parts order them after researching your build from the list below.

Every Orange Text below is a hyperlink direct to your board information.  Enjoy!

2 Knob Job

3PDT Easy Order Switching Board

4PDT Easy Order Switching Board

3PDT Wiring Board

3PDT Buffer Board

3x Champ

4-Track Fuzz


Aeon Drive

After Blaster

American Fuzz – 60’s Fuzzrite Style

Ancestral Apparition

Angry Red Camel

Apollo Tremolo

Bass OverDriver

Black Dog

Blues Buster

Blues Power

BMP – MUFF'N - Old and New

BMP - Opamp version Muff

Buff N Blend

Cap't Munch

ColorTone Bass Fuzz

ColorTone OverDriver

ColorTone Supa Fuzz ToneBender


D'Lay - Main Board

D'lay - Tap Tempo Board

DPDT Wiring Board

Dr. Phybes - Phaser

Dr. Rock

D.S.O.T.M. – Fuzz – Early Gilmour

DVF - Dual Voice Filter

EA Tremolo

Emerald Ring


Fuzzy Bee – Pump’d Up Buzzaround style

G-02 Animal – Gilmour Style

G.B.O.F. – 16 in 1 Fuzz

Guitar Bass Driver

Industrial Fuzz

Julius - Squeezer Compressor

Killer Bee

K.O.T.B. – Marshall Style

Mastodon Fuzz

Mini-Me Chorus

MKC - Modified Klon Circuit

Mosfet Bonus Boost

MoRC - Modified Ross Compressor

MoWah – Traditional Wah Upgrade

ODC - OverDrive Circuit

OKF - One Knob Fuzz

OMG - Mongoose Fuzz


Photon Phuzz


P.U.F.F. - Pump'd Up Fuzz Face

P.U.R.P. - Pump'd Up RangeMaster Plus

P.U.T.B. - Pump'd Up Tone Bender

RATT Deluxe – On-Board 3PDT Pads

RATT Deluxe V3 – 2018 On Board Pots

Red Special


SHO' Nuff

Shredding Eagle

Silent Tuning Buffer Board

Sonic Tonic Enhancer

Squishy Octopus

Sriracha Fuzz

Stage 3 Mini

Stage 3 - V4 Old Version


Super Sonic 02

Super Drive 70's

SWAH - AutoWah

The Vibe

TONE TwEQ - 3 band Active EQ add-on

Tube Screaming Ultra

V6 - VOX style simulator

XX - Double Shot Dual Boost

Zenith Mini

Zenith Pro


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