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I apologize that the forum is experiencing a problem regarding posting and captchas.

This is out of my control although it has been reported and are waiting for the fix.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies that backs our products fully and have every intention of getting Forum posts operating properly again as soon as possible.

Until then please feel free to read our tutorials, review other peoples posts for possible solutions as we will have had 9 years as of May 5th helping people with their builds.

Many of the "solved" support issues have a common theme and are based around value errors, orientation errors, wiring errors and cold solder joints. Those are always my first trouble shooting fixes. I will do a quick re-flow of all solder joints including Jacks and switches an also give a tug on all wiring to make sure a single wire is not hanging by a thread. Next would be to confirm all resistor and capacitor values by CODE since you cannot measure them correct once installed in a circuit. I would then verify all orientations of components especially Diodes and Electrolytic capacitors. Finally recheck all wiring and if you are not getting sound in bypass mode you can be 100% certain it is wired incorrectly.

Finally be certain you are using genuine transistors and IC Chips! This is also a big problem due to the fact that eBay and China are flooded with components that have not passed specs and were to be discarded, they resurface and silk screen components they can make money on so they can be identified by looking closely at the component very often and as a result there are some vendors who unintentionally could be selling these because they are cheap and do not know better or bother to properly test components like transistors and chips to be certain they are genuine before selling them.

In the USA everything in my shop you can be assured is genuine because they get tested. I have a strong faith in Small Bear, Digi-Key, Allied Elec, and Mouser. In Europe I know that Das Musikding also tests their components to be genuine as well.

Below is my signature which contains some helpful links till we get the posting problem fixed.


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