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The wiring scheme which addresses the onboard (T an S) option!

Onboard (T and S) Wiring Explanation   <----  Click the Link

Also using the T&S option on the Tonmann Designed boards makes it a breeze to use shielded cable as described below by Tonmann.

The shield is connected to ground at a convenient point; either the already grounded sleeve lug of the input or output jack when running wire between the jacks and the bypass switch or a ground pad on the circuit board itself.

Trying to twist the braid so that it is small enough to fit into a ground pad can be a difficult task so the best solution is to solder a wire to the braid and solder the wire to the ground pad.

Here's a picture of a shielded wire used from the bypass switch to the circuit board input.  The braid is cut as close to the signal wire as possible and then capped with heat shrink tubing to prevent the braid from shorting out against solder lugs or any other components, a single wire is soldered to the braid which is then soldered (in this case) to the "S" pad on the circuit board.

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