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This is a Moderate to Advanced Build with many mod opportunities.

Not recommended for beginners.

Here is the MKC1 v.2  (older version)

1. You can build with (1) 100k Trimmer and 1 B100k pot for the Gain.

2. You may also build it with the Dual Gang Pot if you wish which height wise you will then need at least a 125B for fit minimum either way.


This Board can be built using either option.We believe the dual gang pot is overkill so hence the trimmer option.

Example of a tricked out MKC1

3. Also removed was the redundant Charge Pump section as well as sorting some of the values to easier to acquire values which has NO EFFECT on the Tone whatsoever!

4. Add to that Tonmann has incorporated a Fatboost switch which is also optional and easy to bypass if you do not wish to use it however it is an Amazing Fatboost which does amazing things for both Guitar and especially Bass Guitar.

Altogether this takes a Build that was once considered Advanced and Costly to source to a Moderate skill level that is much easier and affordable to source parts for. Testing components for tolerance as this is a more advanced build is recommended.

**Important update if using the Stereo (dual gang pot) as opposed to the trim pot:

Most of us built this using a trimmer and not the Stereo Pot, as it was sort of overkill, as you can tell when using the trimmer.  Anyone building it this way should not have an issue at all.


We previously found that when using a stereo pot for Gain, sometimes the output was too hot, and caused oscillation when turning things up to 10. This is a result of using cheaper components with higher tolerances.


Board v2b (only recently available 8/28/14) fixed this, by adding a resistor in series just before the center lug pad of Gain 1. The labeling for the Gain 2 pot was also reversed since it was identified as being backwards in previous board versions.

In that new resistor location, a jumper would work fine on a build with a trimmer for gain 2, or a resistor between 51k-100k would work and remove the oscillation (thanks Billy for testing various values for us).


This is not a consistent issue, it is again due to varying tolerances of components along the signal path.

Check the Demo here which has a Les Paul panned left, Strat panned right, and a $109 SX Jazz Bass Center all Mic'd running through a totally clean Fender Twin Amp.

MKC1 - MiniJam Demo

If you decide to use the Main Board for your Status LED you may use either a Standard LED or a Common Anode Bi-color LED.

Board Dimensions (W x H) 2.3” x 2.35” ca. 58.4mm x 59.7mm

Build Instructions MKC1 v.2

Check the Forum for answers to many questions before posting a troubleshoot thread.

Do not miss the Easy Pedal Wiring Guide.

Namely the expansive Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section and the consolidated Crash Course Guide.

**Note with all MKC v2 boards P1A only (Gain Potentiometer) reverse Lugs 1 and 3.
This is the result of a Silkscreen Typo and will not affect your build.

Audio Path courtesy of Tonmann:

MKCv2b Build Document

Board Updated 8/8/14

These add a single resistor at R26 as described in the build document. That is all.

Ultra Drive Mod – This Mod is not Standard for Kits!

This is an excellent Mod and I highly recommend it.

As most people know the original circuit is most well known as a Clean to Mild Gain Boost to give an already driven amp that something extra! This mod will add an additional switch to your pedal to simulate that and give you that extra boost of Drive. One of my DPDT Wiring Boards is handy.

You can use it with just a DPDT On/On Toggle switch and choose between stock (R15 – 47k) and Ultra Drive Mode ranging anywhere between 4.7k to10k.

If you use my DPDT wiring board you can easily socket the Mod side and choose the correct value you like best for your personal rig and taste.

Or if you simply like the "Ultra Drive Mod" demo but do not wish to add a switch or have the Stock option then simply replace the 47k with anything from 4.7k to 10k and it is done.


Here is a Finished Build thread:

and another:

and yet another... different ideas - same circuit:

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New MK3 - Updated on 6/26/15

New smaller size board! Just as powerful as the original with all mods available!

Thanks to Bruce R. for re-designing the original which will now fit more easily into a 125B if needed.

MK3 Build Document

You can still use the previous Build Document however a fresh Build Document will be uploaded soon. Now it will be even easier to fit into a 125B even with all mods. The only other difference is we have added a 1N4001 Polarity Protection Diode at D4.

All Part numbers and B.O.M. remain unchanged except for the addition of D4.

MKC is the best Klonstyle board available , here's why:


Most importantly it is NOT a clone, based on yes, but with many great enhancements!


  • Ultra Drive Mod - Kick in an extra gear that is totally adjustable!
  • Fat Boost Mod - We incorporated a switchable Fat Boost Mod so you can now use the Klonstyle tone on Bass with excellent results, or just fatten up your guitar sound.

This circuit is also Bass Ready utilizing the Bass Boost Feature.

New Treble Boost Mod Courtesy of Tonmann:

The final stage  (IC2A) of the circuit is the tone control, with the given values you will have treble boost (P2 @ 100%) or treble cut (P2 @ 0%).

If you find that this isn't enough treble boost you can increase the value of R20 which will increase the amount of treble boost and remove the amount of treble cut, large values will remove the treble cut completely.

I would suggest you socket R20 and try different value resistors, don't be afraid to use large values (up to 100k or more), once you find a value to your liking you can replace the socket with switchable resistors, a GuitarPCB DPDT Wiring Board is ideal.

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