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New Version 4 - Layout by Tonmann.

This is the new V4 Board and the first thing you will notice is that the footswitch and wiring of it to the board is already taken care of for you. This makes it not only easier to build as a stand-alone unit but a great space saving add-on for a multi-pedal build as well. This will fit into a tiny 1590A as well if you wish. If using a switch, you may of course use an SPDT instead of the called for SPST by simply not using either one of the outer lugs.

As an added Bonus you may also use either a standard LED or a Common Anode Bi-color LED if you like.

This is an amazing Tone Boost that will bring life back to your Guitar and Amp combo and also add some sparkle to your other Dirt and Overdrive pedals!

Amazing for Bass too  it is just a simple Cap change via an on board switch.

Stage 3 v4 Build Document

The trim pot will Bias the Drain leg of MPF102 to 4.5v minimum - 6.5v. or to taste.

This is so you can achieve the desired voltage on the drain of the FET, since all FETs are incredibly inconsistent.

Here is a Photo Essay for Building the Stage 3 into a smaller enclosure.

Check the Forum for answers to many questions before posting a troubleshoot thread.

Do not miss the Easy Pedal Wiring Guide.

Namely the expansive Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section and the consolidated Crash Course Guide.

Also Read This: On- Board 3PDT Wiring

Add-On: If you plan on building these in a small 1590A style enclosure, planning is key and you may want to look into ordering some smaller parts in regards to Potentiometers, Jacks and Nuts.

  1. Lelon mini Aluminum Electrolytic Info from Mouser
  2. muRata mini MLCC capacitors (come in film-sizes) from Mouser
  3. Alpha 9mm pots from Small Bear (recommend a 2 x 3 hole piece of vero for each to ease wiring)
  4. Low-profile 1/4 mono Neutrik audio jacks (require nut, sold separately) at Mouser
  5. Nut for Neutrik jack above from Mouser


Circuit Board can be purchased through the PCB Shop here:

Here is a Finished Build thread:

and another:

Latest Mod Update:

Jefro's Stage 3 Booster On-Board Guitar or Bass Preamp Mod.

A fantastic way to give your 6 String or Passive bass that extra Sparkle and tight bottom end!

More Information here.

We now offer the Stage 3 Mini version in a small 1" x 1" size so that you may use it in an A enclosure easily or use it in tandem with another circuit as an extra gain stage or it is also handy in tandem with the Buff N Blend to act as a Phase switch.

Build Document

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