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This is an Advanced Build with many uses and capabilities.

Not recommended for beginners due more to the nature incorporating the circuit into a Wah Enclosure.

Board Dimensions (W x H) 2.05” x 1.95” ca. 52.1mm x 49.6mm

An excellent source for the Red Fasel and others.

We also provide a free self tapping sheet metal screw made especially for mounting to Mammoth Wah Shells with every order.

Mammoth Electronics carries a vast array of color choices for Wah Shells.

If you choose to use an old Dunlop there are several choices for mounting that will work as well (plenty of room) but the Screw size will not directly work as it will with the Mammoth Enclosure.

This is a modified circuit we believe enhances capabilities beyond that of the usual suspects.

As per the build documents there are many mods that can be added as you see fit (pick and choose), however we believe just the basic circuit itself is still a vast improvement.

Here is a short clean demo showing off the 2 switching capabilities (Switch 1 - Bass Boost) and (Switch 2 - High/Low Sweep Range) which can be heard throughout out the demo clearly in (4) separate segments.

If you hear a slight clicking noise in the heel end with your particular Fasel you need to adjust the TR1 till the clicking goes away. This will still leave you play room for the Mod itself.  Then simply adjust to taste.

All inductors etc.. are slightly differet so you could either raise R9 to a slightly higher value to accomodate or simply turn TR1 up till it is gone. That is one reason we have a trimmer in there. Fortunately ours is designed to be modded to suit any Fasel and any taste.


MoWah Clean Demo 1 - Switching capabilities.

MoWah AC30 + PURP Demo 2 - Vox and PURP combo with MoWah.

MoWah Starter Build Instructions

Board can be purchased here: MoWah


Mammoth Enclosure can be purchased here: Mammoth Enclosures

Mammoth Enclosure build guide here: Mammoth Enclosure Build Document

Mowah Testimonial by Kubickinut link:

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New Advanced Mod and Troubleshoot Guide for the Fantastic MoWah courtesy of Kubickinut.

This is an extremely helpful guide to help with some of the intricasies involved around building and assembling the Mowah which could be one of the finest Wah Circuits available. Thanks Kubickinut!

MoWah - Advanced Mod Guide

Successful Build thread:

Here is a rehoused Vox:

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