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Mastadon Fuzz - Some may compare to similarities found in the Zvex - Woolly Mammoth™ however this is not a clone. This circuit has been modified.

Requires reading and abiding by the membership and Legal Terms agreement.

Essentially a modded out Fuzz face style circuit with (4) separate controls.

On-board 3PDT wiring enhancement.

Will fit nicely in an enclosure turned sideways.

Mastadon Fuzz Build Document w/ on-board 3PDT Pads

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Do not miss the Easy Pedal Wiring Guide.

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Also Read This: On- Board 3PDT Wiring

Board Dimensions (W x H) 1.38” x 1.4” ca. 35 mm x 35.6 mm

"Wooly Mammoth" is a Trademark of Zvex. is not affiliated with Zvex". Our unique boards are for comparison and education only and are not intended to be represented as clones or copies.

All original copyrights, trademarks, and artworks remain the property of their owners.

Circuit board can be purchased in the PCB Shop here:

Newest Build Document for the recently released Mastadon without 3PDT pads.

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Don't forget, this one sounds great with bass guitar as well!

Audio Path:

Q1 Emitter: 0V, Base 0,58V, Collector 1,2V

Q2 Emitter: 0,88V, Base 1,2V, Collector 2,3V

Here is a Finshed Build thread:

and another:



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