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Based on the original version by DCountry13 and redesigned by Bruce R.

This is an updated PCB from which includes a few modifications from the original circuit on which it is based. This re-designed board fits easily into a 1590A or larger enclosure and includes on-board 3PDT Footswitch!

Please note that 1590A builds are not recommended for beginners.

Board Dimensions (W x H): 1” x 1.73”  i.e.: 25.4mm x 44mm

Sho 'Nuff v.2 Build Documentation

To leave out the Master Volume Mod, use a jumper between pads for lugs 2 and 3.

Check the Forum for answers to many questions before posting a troubleshoot thread.

Do not miss the Easy Pedal Wiring Guide.

Namely the expansive Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section and the consolidated Crash Course Guide.

Also Read This: On- Board 3PDT Wiring

Here is a Photo essay I did in PDF format to give you some ideas on how to work with both sides of circuit boards to allow for fitting your populated board into tighter spaces.

Stage 3 Photo Essay

Some ideas will apply to other builds such as the P.U.R.P. or the SHO 'Nuff etc...

Always remember orientation and more importantly you are only limited by your own imagination!

This project is built with an added noise filter circuit and Pulldown resistor. It does nothing to change the Tone and eliminates the Pop and any hiss noise from the Circuit.

You can also add a Master Volume Control. I find this to be very handy for Cranking the Crackle knob without breaking an eardrum! The Pedal can easily be built anyway you like!

SHO'Nuff Demo 1 - Strat / Clean Twin Amp - Shure57

This demo is without the Master Volume installed. I did add the noise reducing components.



SHO 'Nuff Demo 2 - Strat / Clean Twin Amp - Shure57

This demo is with the Master Volume installed! First 1/2 Demo is with Crackle Knob Cranked

Add-On: If you plan on building these in a small 1590A style enclosure, planning is key and you may want to look into ordering some smaller parts in regards to Potentiometers, Jacks and Nuts.

  1. Lelon mini Aluminum Electrolytic Info from Mouser
  2. muRata mini MLCC capacitors (come in film-sizes) from Mouser
  3. Alpha 9mm pots from Small Bear (recommend a 2 x 3 hole piece of vero for each to ease wiring)
  4. Low-profile 1/4 mono Neutrik audio jacks (require nut, sold separately) at Mouser
  5. Nut for Neutrik jack above from Mouser


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