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This is an updated PCB from which includes a few modifications from the original circuit on which it is based. Shares Standard Power Supply with other negative ground pedals while using a set of PNP transistors.

This re-designed board fits in a 1290NS/1590B or larger enclosure.

Board Dimensions (W x H): 2” x 1.16” i.e.: 29 x 51mm

Please be sure to read the build documentation for the correct pin placement depending on whether you use the top side or the bottom side for mounting the transistors.

Because PNP fuzzes are positive-ground circuits, they must have a separate power supply from the rest of the effects in a chain. To overcome this limitation, a charge pump chip has been integrated to allow this board to be powered by the same source as all of your other effects. This is great for daisy-chained pedal boards, as well as integrating this into an enclosure with other effects circuits.

This compact board is designed to easily accommodate germanium transistors up to a TO-5 package size, which covers the majority of available Ge transistor models available today. Check out our great Vintage Germanium Transistor Matched Sets  for Tone Bender right here in the PCB Shop.

Some vintage transistors may introduce high-end hiss. Optional modifications in this layout provide a filter which eliminate this hiss while retaining that vintage tone and clarity, even on the highest guitar notes.

Modern features such as reverse-polarity protection diode, pull-down resistor, and biasing trimmer pot have been added.

Pump'd Up Tonebender Strat Demo

Pump'd Up Tonebender Build Document

Must Have Accessories

Here is a Finished Build thread:

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