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New DPDT Wiring Board - 100's of Mod options on a Reusable Socketable Board!

New Fabricated Version.

I have not seen any other DPDT Wiring Board have all of the advantages of this one!

You can add Trimmers to either side of the board with choices of two different size Trimmers including our own 6mm ones available in the PCB Shop. An even smaller footprint than the original while adding features.

Also you get all the features you have already come to know an love from v1.0


  1. Reusable - Change components without damaging Expensive Switches!
  2. Socket these! Try that with a plain switch or any other Wiring Board.
  3. Makes wiring components to a switch Simple, Fast and Professional looking!
  4. Small and will fit into tight places easily and neatly. Now even smaller!
  5. Solder Components on either side of the board for the best fit.
  6. DPDT stomp switches that work with these mod boards are hard to find. Our DPDT board will fit on 2 rows of a standard blue 3PDT footswitch, which are readily available!



Use with our  (ON-ON) or (ON-OFF-ON)   DPDT Switches depending on the application!

Just a few of the many possibilities:


Mouser, Small Bear,and PedalPartsAndKits.

Our DPDT boards are designed for the standard solder-lug spacing, as these are both the most common and generally speaking the most affordable. Of course Mouser sells Mountain switches which are superior quality. So they cost more.

Always check Datasheets, and avoid any type of Mini version.

That's the home team list , off the top of my head, other links may be listed in my links section.

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