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Cap't Munch v2 - Tonmann Design

A Mutant of the Tubescreamer Family, but the Dual Op-Amps are driving each other here, while a pair of Clipping Diodes to Ground add extra Muscle and Bite.

This Circuit uses some Red 5mm LEDs for a very Tubey Crunch.

Whiles some may compare this to a Crunch Box™ this circuit is unique and uses (2) IC chips instead of (1) for extra gain as well as a unique tone control eliminating the need for a circuit board Presence Trimmer.

This pedal can be compared to some other  Marshall In a Box circuits (or pedals) out there as well but certainly not a Clone or Copy of any.

This pedal will take you anywhere from AC/DC to 80's High Gain shredding!

Cap't Munch Audio Demo

Cap't Munch v2 Build Documents

Check the Forum for answers to many questions before posting a troubleshoot thread.

Do not miss the Easy Pedal Wiring Guide.

Namely the expansive Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section and the consolidated Crash Course Guide.

Board Dimensions (W x H) 2” x 1.63” ca. 50.8mm x 41.3mm

Cap't Munch Customer Testimonial

Purchase Board  in the PCB Shop

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