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The G.B.O.F aka. "The All In One Fuzz" was originally designed by Dcountry13 as a single board that you will be able to build many different projects with. It will fit into a 1590A enclosure if desired. Bruce R. has redesigned the fabricated layout which has a few minor enhancements.

You will need to take a close proper look at your project as you will need to verify which holes in the board will be used for your particular project and which ones will not.

Very similar to populating Perf Board.

The GBOF Board and matching DIY Layout Creator diagrams are designed to teach how a Fuzz Face works.

The benefits are two-fold in that this board teaches the "typology" of a Fuzz Face on a single board but also the end result will be a wide range of fantastic Fuzz Builds for your collection. Uniquely this circuit will also allow you to build a Big Muff Pi tonestack to any build that may require one using a very small amount of space.

For more info on DIY Layout Creator and its symbols just click it here.

There are no schematics for these projects!

They may however be found easily by using Google just like we did.

Customer Submitted Video:

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Soundcloud Demo for Meaty Version:


Here is a list of 16 Projects to date:

  1. Rangemaster
  2. One Knob Fuzz
  3. Meaty Version - Another Fuzz Face Variation. Compare to a Meathead.
  4. Bazz Fuss
  5. Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz Face
  6. Electro Harmonix Screaming Bird
  7. Fuzz Face NPN version.
  8. Fuzz Face NPN version with Bias Control
  9. Fuzz Face PNP version.
  10. Fuzz Face PNP version with Bias Control
  11. JD's Easy Drive
  12. Big Muff Pi Tonestack 
  13. Big Muff Pi Tonestack (2 Knob)
  14. Trotsky Drive
  15. Hog's Foot / Mole Bass Booster
  16. Neckbeard - Fuzz Face and Tonebender in one enclosure!
  17. Hornby Skewes Treble Boost

Threads with unique and innovative ideas by Members:

Wiring Guide for any project.

1. Industrial Fuzz + BMP Tonestack (GBOF)

2. Neckbeard!

3. Treebeard, Fuzz Face w/ToneBender mod

4. BLACKBEARD (more fun with GBOFs)

The Layouts are small however due to biasing etc.. they are not intended for newbies

To gain all the experience needed to get a Fuzz project just right read the following:

The Technology of the Fuzz Face

*** Please Google Datasheets for proper Orientation of the Transistor Pinouts!

Don't just go by the picture! Different Transistors have Different Pinouts!

Download the Datasheets and verify the pinouts of the transistors before installing.

Example: Google "2N5088 Datasheet"

If the Layout says Pinout is C, B, E from top to bottom then make sure you install your Transistor with the same orientation as the Datasheet! That is pretty much it.

What a better way to learn and build great projects on an affordable board: The G.B.O.F.

The following picture shows the new board from the top, and shows where the traces are on the bottom of the board, as if you had x-ray vision, again this is very similar to using Perf Board but better!

Please take care not to create a solder bridges between tighter pads.

We wanted to keep this small for 1590A builders.

There are no schematics for these projects!

They may however be found easily by using Google just like we did.  :)



JDs Easy Drive Circuit

This circuit will function fine built without any additional Mods as shown in the Layout below.

That said....

Here is a Mod idea (Courtesy of Tonmann) to try.

The Mod uses a potentiometer to determing the Bias Value as opposed to socketing and guessing so you may the check the value you like on the potentiometer with a DMM then use that value as a resistor value in the circuit or simply keep the potentiometer.

This Mod is not mandatory for a working circuit and the results will vary:

Alternative: Socket R4 and try larger resistors.

The Mod in depth:

The original circuit was deliberately mis-biased to a very low voltage (the large value of R3), about 1.23V at the collector.

A 10k resistor for R4 for example will raise the collector voltage to about 2.11V, rather than worry about voltage measurements use your ears to see how much difference you notice and whether you like any differences.

Once you have chosen a value for R4 you can add a pot in series with C5 (either between emitter and C5 or between C5 and Ground), use lug 2 for the "upper" connection and lig 1 for the "lower" connection, you can connect lug 3 to lug 2 if you wish.

The value of the pot is up to you, I wouldn't be afraid to use a 10kΩ pot when R4 is 10kΩ (this is why you make R4 as large as possible, so you can use a larger pot which gives more control over the AC voltage gain.

Schematic for the original Easy Drive:

This schematic is identical to our GBOF above except there is not a Tonmann Resistor Bias Mod and we added a simple Volume potentiometer at the output. You can use a 50k or 100k.




Jack Orman's additional to the BMP Tone Control.

To learn more:


This the Electra Based TROTSKY DRIVE courtesy of Dano over at

Adds a "Gain" control, Germanium clipping and Bright Cut Switch to standard Electra circuit

A New idea courtesy of WarriorPoet, NeckBeard: Excellent sounding!

Hornby Skewes style Treble Booster

Courtesy of RPaul

Rumored Blackmore Mod for HS Treble boost

Handy wiring guide taken from Crash Course #1 and Tips, Tricks & Tutorials:

Here is a Handy Transistor Chart.

Not complete but a good start!

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