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Over Drive Circuit

Newly updated fabricated version by Tonmann.

Board Dimensions (W x H) 1.72” x 1.36” ca. 43.5 mm x 34.7 mm

Over Drive Circuit - Build Document

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It is the opinion of most that the Sweet Spot now sits in the middle of the Tone knob with plenty of play either way.

Please note this Mod changes the Tone of the entire circuit which in turn makes it work differently from the Original.

More Mods by Tonmann:

If you would like an even brighter tone (darker rig) here are some options:

Socket and decrease the value of C4, down to 10nF should be enough. (Socket and see)

You could also try increasing C8 to 470nF and making the Tone pot a 10k Log.

You can even try omitting C4 from the circuit to give maximum frequency response.

Make sure you have the Tone pot wired correctly, you should be getting a cut in high frequencies as you turn the pot down.  If you are getting the opposite effect simply reverse the wires going to lugs 1 and 3.


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