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Industrial Fuzz
Design by Bruce R.

The Industrial Fuzz is modeled after a well know Fuzz Pedal and depending on how it is built, what trannies you use as well as hfe's and so forth will depend on how it sounds to you.

This new layout is designed to be flexible to fit into a 1590B/1290NS horizontally, or in a 125B enclosure horizontally or vertically.

In the Demo below I used the GuitarPCB Fuzz Face Matched set with gains of 96 and 101 hFE. Many feel that going a bit higher gives a better sound. While this is all subjective I leave it up to you to Socket First and try different ranges for yourself.

My advice is when you get the ones that work best for you then shorten the legs and solder them in.

Disclaimer: While this may sound similar to other known Fuzz Pedals, GuitarPCB is not affiliated with these companies and in truth if you wish to have an Original the only way to acquire one is to buy a Real One.

There are just too many variables involved to even list that rules out any of our projects being referred to as copies.

Remember this when building, selling or posting. Forum Rules & Explanations are listed on Main Forum Page.

v3 Industrial Fuzz Build Document

Check the Forum for answers to many questions before posting a troubleshoot thread.

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Namely the expansive Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section and the consolidated Crash Course Guide.

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Recommended accessories:

1. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms™ .

2. 3PDT Wiring Boards .

3. GuitarPCB - NOS Matched Germanium Fuzz Face set

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