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King of the Brits

Marshall style tone available on any amp.

With Master, Level, Gain, Low, Mid and High controls I doubt there is a Marshall style tone you cannot find on this excellent circuit. Note extra Volume control for even more refinement in your overall sound and tone. Based on the '67-'68 Plexi amp that was all the rage in the 1980s...but with the added Hot Rod Tone available.

King of the Brits -  Build Document

King of the Brits - Audio Demo - by T-Diddy

Some sample voltages for troubleshooting purposes, Courtesy of Petevig:

Q1 5.25, .53, 0

Q2 4.87, .48, 0

Q3 .62, 0, 0

Q4 8.82, 1.38, .62,

Q5 4.52, 1.81, 1.2

Q6 6.93, .22, 0


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