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DVF - Dual Voice Filter - Tonmann Design

The DVF v3 is based on a circuit designed by Craig Anderton in the 1970s.

The circuit comprises four stages:
· Input gain stage
· Low to mid frequency sweep filter
· Mid to high frequency sweep filter
· Mixing stage

Build Documents

Check the Forum for answers to many questions before posting a troubleshoot thread.

Do not miss the Easy Pedal Wiring Guide.

Namely the expansive Tips, Tricks and Tutorials section and the consolidated Crash Course Guide.

I highly recommend a larger enclosure than shown in the video (125B) if you are not experienced with enclosure layout etc.. it is a tight squeeze. Additionally you may want more room for knob control etc... a 1590BB would be an excellent size!

Thanks to Wilkie1 for the excellent pedal for video shoot and shoehorn tech!

Thanks to Tonmann for the design with modifications.

Thanks to both for Beta Testing etc...

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More info and ideas that will likely be updated as we proceed. Courtesy of Tonmann.

Always check back here before building. As you should with any project.

Another component to look at is the op amp feedback resistor R6 (R9). Changing the value of the resistor will:
· Change the gain
· Change the sharpness (Q Factor) of the filter
· Shift the frequency spectrum
Rather than explain the differences the following diagrams should make things clear.

Courtesy of Tonmann!

I've trace all three audio paths for you.


Here is a direct link to a build done by Bruce R. for some inspiration.

Pictures of Bruce R's - Also see link above!

Another one from Wilkie!

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