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Quotes At first I was a little skeptical of the quality of these PCB's because they were selling for about half of what I was paying elsewhere. Once I received my first board (Squishy Octopus Compressor), all doubt was put to rest. These boards are of the highest quality and every GuitarPCB build I've done (close to 10 now) has worked beautifully and sounded great. Barry ships VERY fast and runs an outstanding business and website. Bravo! Quotes

Quotes Top of the line products, packaged and shipped professionally; and you get some surprises thrown in the bag once in awhile! GCPB is a huge part of the DIY community, so they know exactly what the people want and deliver in spades. Highly recommended for your DIY builds. Quotes
Excellent Service and Product ♪♫♪♫♪

Quotes This community is an amazing place, and Barry deserves all of the credit in the world for keeping this place running. GuitarPCB has been my main resource for pedal building information, and has never let me down in this area. There are tons of very knowledgeable members who are always willing to answer questions and help troubleshoot builds. My first build was a GuitarPCB Stage357 booster pedal and it ran flawlessly. Barry's boards are very well made, and when I made my first order I even got an extra little surprise (a Great Balls of Fuzz board) in the package for free! This is a great business and will have my support for years to come. -Ryan C (Jeffedelic) Quotes
The Best DIY Pedal Community

Quotes I have built 20+ GPCB circuits for myself, gifts, and to sell to other musicians. Totally blown away by the sound of each of these units as are the people who received pedals I built for them! I have a pedal board of boutique pedals, including. Klon Centaur, Fulltone and others that are great but I have touched them since I put together my own hand-wired, boutique pedalboard using GPCB boards and parts. Absolutely the best! Still have another dozen boards I haven't built but are in my parts inventory with plans to build them all. Tremendous forum support and customer service! The best!! Quotes
Avid Customer - Hank

Quotes Before using Barry's 3PDT wiring board my life was an unending nightmare of trial and error. Before long I would be at my wits end ready to give up on a potentially awesome pedal. But ever since I started using Barry's New and Improved 3DPT wiring board my builds are flawless. Easy to understand, with a small foot print; the hardest part of pedal building (for me) is over. Now I can focus on building his fantastic pedal projects. As an added bonus, I sleep better, my hair is shiny and fuller and my teeth are whiter! Well, maybe not, but the these little boards rock! Quotes
The LxOxD

Quotes Jesus, I'm amazed my MORC v2. I tested it a bit and the millimeter is really fabulous. No noise, clean, all functions working 100%. It was the best bet I made on pedals today. And I think about buying a compressor for 200 medium and few euros! I am open with the sound quality of this MORC sound. Excellent quality PCB. I'll be a customer and promote your all friends. Good stuff, good care. Can not say better. Best wishes to all your team! Rui Luna Quotes
100% Satisfaction

Quotes I placed my first order at GuitarPCB in the midst of a flurry of sales and promotions and still received my order in good time. The surprise 'Bonus Bag' was like finding hidden treasure and the content will get installed in this first round of builds. I'll be back for more! Quotes
What this!?!? A bonus bag!!

Quotes Barry, I'd just like to say as a fairly new pedal builder all your products, fantastic support, excellent tutorials and instructions will make me continue to spread the good word about your site to anyone that'll listen. That's how good it is Cheers Billy and thanks for the pick and other wee freebies you know how to keep your customers happy Quotes
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Quotes I just wanted to let everyone know that the quality and service here is second to none! I've purchased several boards and other products over the last several weeks. I just started this little hobby about four months ago, and have enjoyed every minute, even if it doesn't work when I finish. I can go to the forum, search around, and usually find the answer to my problem. If not, I post the question and I usually have an answer from Barry or one of his trusted administrators usually within the hour. It just doesn't get any better than that! Layton aka the "TreeSlayer" Quotes
Quality Products, Prompt Service

Quotes Barry, you are the best! These are the best boards I've made so far hands down. The quality is top notch and the customer service is sublime. Truly the best in the business! Quotes
Happy DIY'er
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