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Quotes I just received twelve buffer boards and six MoWah boards along with some hi-gain BJTs and two PUFF boards. Customer service was excellent, shipping was fast, and these pcbs are the shiznuckle! Well designed, efficient use of space, off-the-scale professional looking. I'm building a special setup using old organ bass pedals as momentary switches to trigger multi-staged Band Pass Filters (tricked out MoWahs). Barry and company have impressed me greatly, and this is my first transaction! It's good to see an energetic company with ambition, know-how, and "we treat you like we want to be treated" customer service. GO BARRY GO! Flux Of Earth. Quotes
SERIOUSLY cool stuff!

Quotes At first, I built some BYOC pedals and got mediocre results, with kits that had part-errors in them, and forums that were hard to search and gets answers from. Then, I discovered GuitarPCB, and I have yet to build a pedal that wasn't phenomenal. Barry's board are beautifully laid out, the instructions are crisp and clear, and the support is excellent. He always answers email promptly, and he is happy to point you in the right direction. Furthermore, the accessories and parts he offers are a godsend. Before I discovered Barry's hookup wire and 16mm pot-condoms, I was living in the terrible Dark Ages of pedal-building; now, my builds look professional, and they are easy to make. And, the unique items Barry offers, like white 2.1mm power-jacks, allow schlubs like me to make pedals that look super-custom. I am a fan. Now that I have discovered GuitarPCB and, I am churning out a couple of pedals/week for less than $20 per completed pedal. Life is good! Quotes
The best pedal-building experience!

Quotes Thanks for everything! Just got my 3PDT boards and they are awesome! They made me realize how much I was dreading offboard wiring, I finished several things that had been waiting for more motivation. Also, updating an 80?s op amp Big Muff to true bypass was a snap! Can?t wait to do a few more, what a great product. Plus, top notch service: Personal responses to emails and super prompt shipping! Quotes
3PDT Boards Rock my World!

Quotes I have built 7 GuitarPCB projects, and could not be happier with the product and support. Barry's boards have seen me through from my first project until now, and I will continue to use his unique PCBs for every project through the foreseeable future, Quotes
Outstanding All Around

Quotes I can't say enough good things about GuitarPCB. I've ordered numerous boards from Barry, including some custom etchings. They are always top quality and arrive within days. Not only are the products top-notch, but Barry and the other forum moderators are always extremely helpful with build questions and issues. Quotes
Great Products!

Quotes at the quality of these boards, and even more, the quality of guitar pcb's customer service. great prices, super fast shipping, and fun, toneful builds abound here...i've built the cor 500, mkc1, fuzzy bee and a couple other boards from this site now and the quality is really second to none with major bang-for-the-buck factor. thanks, barry, i'll be back! Quotes
totally blown away

Quotes I just completed my first GuitarPCB project, a Super White AutoWah, and it is SWAWsome! The board is of high quality, and the forums are very helpful. I am building the Zenith Drive now, and have high hopes that it becomes another one of my favorite pedals. I am using the Barry Wire and Pot Condoms on the Zenith drive. I must say that they are both worth purchasing. The wire is so much easier to work with than standard stranded wire and stays put after you bend it. The Pot Condoms alleviate most of my worries about the board shorting out since I typically try to use the smallest enclosures possible. After building a kit from other vendor, I now recognize that the best thing about GuitarPCB may be the community. They contribute to designs, share their knowledge, and promptly assist builders when issues arise. I highly recommend the site and the products! Quotes
Great Products!!

Quotes Ordered Aeon Drive kit through mammoth, and got the schematic from guitarpcb The shipping was ridiculously fast and the customer service has been excellent. All the components are high quality, pots feel great when they turn, switches are solid. The best part is probably the pcb itself - thick and sturdy and well laid out. The overall build took about 4 hours, not bad I thought for a first build and the pedal sounds awesome. Thanks Barry! Quotes
First build a success

Quotes I've successfully built 8 of these project from this site. The boards are top quality and the support on the forums is great. Highly recommended! Quotes
Excellent Product!

Quotes Quick delivery to the UK! Thanks for the free gift Barry. I love this site! Quotes
Great Product and Quick Delivery!
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