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[GPCB] Original Anti-Static Pot Condom 12-Pack


USA Only!

Due to shipping restrictions. Contact Me for an International Invoice.

These are the Original Pot Condoms™ that make it look good under the hood while protecting your Circuit Board from shorting out against the Potentiometers, as well as providing an extremely soft, Shock Resistant Base for your Circuit Board commonly associated with Gigging unlike the rigid copy cat clear plastic ones!

The Original - "Anti-Static" Pot Condom

Available only from GuitarPCB.

Remember these are soft like a pillow against your precious circuit board!

Never use On-Board Potentiometers without them.

A Dozen is enough to do 3- 5 pedals on average!

Pot Condoms are for 16mm Pots and are Heavy Duty, Snug, Anti Static,  Flexible, Reusable and really just Perfect!

Available in Black, Red, Cool Purple - Soft Anti Static Vinyl.

USA Only!

Due to shipping restrictions. Contact Me for International Invoice.

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