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[GPCB] - Matched FETs 2N5952 (4pc) Quad Set for Phasers.


A Perfectly Matched Quad Set of 2N5952s for Phasers.

GuitarPCB = Quality!

*From a Factory Sealed Box from National Semiconductor.

See image at left.   8)

These the best choice for the for Phasers such as the Phase45 style but these have now become Obsolete so matched sets are much harder to come by.

Sets are carefully checked twice to be Matched perfectly for the best sounding Phaser.

They are then Hand Tested in a working circuit to confirm proper phasing.

The best performance in the phase 90 is when all the FETs move together: They should have similar cut-off voltage, with a similar curve and rDS to a given VGS.


2N5952's are the best for Phasers check the Datasheet for details and Pinout.

All Sets are shipped in a Bubble Mailer using an Anti Static bag.

Do not place in powered circuit backwards. If you fry a transistor it is on you for not being careful of orientation.


These sets have been truly hand tested, with a proper testing circuit and quality DMM. This requires a lot of time, quantity and effort. Beware, do not buy low range throw away transistors from risky eBay sellers etc... I guarantee my product!


All well matched sets, are in the optimal range of 2.40v to 2.6v

Great for my Dr. Phybes or The Vibe circuit.

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