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Barry's Best Hookup Wire - Preorder Special!


Pre-Order Special

Please Read before ordering!!


Get in on a Pre-Order Deal while it is still available!

This American Made wire is O.O.P. & more expensive.


Normally $2.25, On Sale $1.89.

Preorder Special -

Only $1.69 per 10' ft. order!


I will be ordering all (6) colors. This is very costly.

It will take 2-4 days to receive enough orders,

then 7 Business Days to receive & start shipping. 11-14 days total.

I will post updates via Website, Email, Twitter and Facebook!

Hurry this Special expires when I have enough orders.


*Only order wire, for this Deal!

The shipping has been adjusted favorably

I will not ship separate packages.

Need other items, place a separate order.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

The objective here was Absolute Best Quality!

1. 24 Gauge Wire that is Bendable and Shape-able just like a Solid Core but will not break or snap off like Solid Core. It will hold its shape so you can easily get those Pro Looking gut shots! Please check the photos at the left! Left Click once to see the image then click a second time for a Super Large image! Absolutely Amazing!!

2. Even better yet the wire is Tinned and Bonded using a Special Bonding Process that is simply the best that I have ever used to date. You will be able to easily place the wire through your board holes and get and instant solid solder connection that will last. Also it will be easy to get a firm mechanical connection on solder lugs. No Frays!

Once again check the Photos at the right for the Stripped Wire photo. Absolutely Tinned Bonded... I spared no expense!

This is the best 24 Gauge Wire I 've found for working on pedals bar none but don't take my word for it here is a thread of Customer Testimonials!   <- Click Me!

This wire will be sold in 10 foot sections.


"Keep in mind if you purchase more than (1) ten foot section of a single color I will simply wind a single amount till it meets the correct length."

Normally $2.25 per 10' section per color.

Multiple 10' ft. orders are usually shipped in a single winding.

And as always the Shipping Prices will be extremely fair so you simply cannot lose .

International shipping by Priority Flat Rate only!

Please use the Drop Down box below to choose your color then add to cart!

Item Added.
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