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3PDT Wiring Board - The Best - Perfect for Combo Builds


Best available anywhere with 8 years of enhancements!

Only (.95" x .9375") That is small but huge in features.

These will work with most any circuit, regardless of company.

Each 3PDT Wiring Board contains:

  • Bi-Color Ready Use Bi-Color LED (or standard) from our PCB Shop
  • (3) Power pads allowing you to easily connect power to add-on boards
  • (6) Ground pads Perfect for combo builds and add-on modules
  • Low Profile - (2) Wiring Boards fit side by side in a 125B (portrait)
  • LED is board mountable (center) for a firm unmovable LED
  • On-board CLR saving you wire and thus creating a neat build
  • Design is symmetrical with the enclosure creating a neater build
  • Eliminate "Star Grounding"
  • Shielded Cable Ready with our conveniently located Ground Pads

There's no lower profile wiring board, with as many features!

Build Document

3PDT Wiring Board - Detailed Layout Gallery Guide

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