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** 3PDT Wiring Board - Advanced profile saves Time, Space, Noise & Clutter

$1.29 $1.49

Simply put the best available anywhere with 7+ years of enhancements!

These will work with most any circuit, regardless of company.

Smallest profile, most features!  Save time & space, not double it!

Click on images at left, for a blowup view click again!

(New - Extra 9v pad for combo build power sharing!)

Common Anode LEDs Red/Green & Red/Blue available in our PCB Shop.

You may also use a Standard LED which we also carry.

Note: All power wires are completely separate from audio wires in our design to create a low noise build especially in combos, high gain circuits and modulation!

There's no lower profile wiring board, with as many features!

*LED Options! - Use a Standard LED or a BiColor.

*(6) Grounds conveniently located .

*On Board Current Limiting Resistor

*(3) - 9v Power Pads for more options & combo build power sharing.

*No crossover of Audio and power wires!!!

*Great for Combo-Pedals.

*LED is mountable to the board, providing a firm connection.

*Convenient Corner Cuts allow for use in small builds.

Plastic Bezels - recommended for BiColor

Red/Green - Common Anode BiColor LEDs

Red/Blue - Common Anode BiColor LEDs.

See the PCB Shop for an assortment of Standard LEDs.

Build Document

Uses the same build document above.

3PDT Wiring Board - Layout Gallery

Unique advantages of the GuitarPCB Version:

  • Audio wires kept separate for less noise & cross-talk
  • Small footprint with space saving corner cuts.
  • On-Board Current Limiting Resistor for LED.
  • Symmetrical design that matches your internal pedal layout
  • Eliminates the need for tricky star grounding.
  • Handy on-board symbols and more....
  • Super neat gut shots, use less wire!

Recommended accessories:

1. Red/Green - Common Anode BiColor LEDs.

2. Red/Blue - Common Anode BiColor LEDs.

3. Plastic Bezels Recommended for Common Anode LEDs

4. Standard 5mm Red Led (10) Pack

5. Chrome 5mm Bezels - Recommended for Standard LEDs

6. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire.

7. DC Power Jacks 2.1mm

Excellent International Rates - 1st Class Only - No Parcel.

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