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3PDT Wiring Board - PreOrder Special - Read before ordering!


Passing on the savings on our biggest seller.

3PDT Wiring Board Pre-Order Special!

For this special only order 3PDT Wiring Boards.

The Pre-Order price is only $1.39 each.

If you need other items order separately!

Thank You!

I will not ship multiple packages before the arrival date.

Shipping prices have been modified to accomodate larger orders,

Both Domestic and Foreign. Checkout the Cart!

Again only purchase 3PDT Wiring Board for this Special Price!

Wiring Boards should ship by the 26th of this month.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Simply the Best layout!

Small profile, more features!

Common Anode LEDs Red/Green & Red/Blue available in our PCB Shop.

You may also use a Standard LED which we also carry.

There's no lower profile wiring board, with as many features!

*LED Options! - Use a Standard LED or a BiColor.

*(7) Grounds conveniently located -  instead of (5).

*Great for Combo-Pedals.

*(2) - 9v Power Pads for more options & convenient LED Wiring.

*LED is mountable on the board, providing a firm connection & less wiring.

*Convenient Corner Cuts allow for use in small builds or carefully fit (2) side by side, while still maintaining a portrait alignment.

Plastic Bezels - recommended for BiColor

Red/Green - Common Anode BiColor LEDs

Red/Blue - Common Anode BiColor LEDs.

See the PCB Shop for an assortment of Standard LEDs.

Build Document

Uses the same build document above.

Always use the Layout Gallery for latest Board Info and Mods

3PDT Wiring Board - Layout Gallery

Unique advantages of the GuitarPCB Version:

  • Audio wires kept separate for less noise & cross-talk
  • Small footprint with space saving corner cuts.
  • On-Board Current Limiting Resistor for LED.
  • Symmetrical design that matches your internal pedal layout
  • Eliminates the need for tricky star grounding.
  • Handy on-board symbols and more....
  • Super neat gut shots, use less wire!

Shipping Discounts apply when more than one item is purchased.

Orders outside the US will be shipped by Priority Mail only.

Priority Mail Rates will apply. Subject to the Shipping Policy Main Menu Bar.

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