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2 Knob Job - Instantly Switch between settings on a single potentiometer


The 2 Knob Job is an incredibly useful and exciting Mod Board.

The Layout is that will allow you to use (2) potentiometers in place of any(1) potentiometer giving you instant access to two completely different settings at the stomp of your foot whether it be Volume, Gain, Delay, Tone, Ramp Modulation Speed or whatever you can imagine.


Use either a Standard or Momentary 3PDT switch.

2 Knob Job Build Instructions

Always use the Forum's Layout Gallery Page for each individual circuit for the most information, mods and tips, that are not contained in the basic build document above.

This is one Amazing Mod Board and the possibilities are endless.

Actual 3PDT Standard or Momentary Footswitch must be purchased separately.

Latched Switch: BLMS - For instant switching between settings

Momentary Switch: BLMS - For a ramping type of effect and more.

Recommended Accessories:

1. Common Anode Bi-Color LED

2. Trim Pot

3. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire.

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