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EA Tremolo w/ LFO Bypass, Boost & Rate LED Mods


Amazing Tonmann Layout with on-board Modifications and Wiring Options!

Board Dimensions (W x H) 1.53” x 1.83” ca. 38.7mm x 46.4mm

  1. A flashing LED that shows the speed of the LFO has been added. Internal or new External mounted for conveniently knowing the speed before you switch it on.
  2. A “Kill Switch” (SW 1) has been added. Closing the switch shorts the LFO leaving you with the excellent sounding buffer for improved Guitar Tone without the Tremolo effect!


EA Tremolo Audio Demo

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EA Tremolo Build Instructions

Always use the Forum's Layout Gallery Page for each individual circuit for the most information, mods and tips, that are not contained in the basic build document above.

Recommended accessories:

1. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms™ .

2. 3PDT Wiring Boards .

3. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire.

4. DPDT Wiring Boards - Perfect for Mods

5. DC Power Jacks 2.1mm

6. Common Anode LED (Optional to Standard LED )

7. Plastic Bezels for Common Anode LEDs

8. Pot Condoms for mounting in tight quarters over potentiometers

9. GPCB Secure Mounts - For mounting with room to spare

This item goes great with a  MIni-Me Chorus !

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