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American Fuzz Pro - Fuzz Rite 60's style Fuzz


You may compare to the Fuzz Rite™ with an added gain stage, unique silicon transistors and enhancements to further reduce hiss without loss of tone.

An excellent choice for those American 60's style Fuzz Tones and Guitar Solos. We also incorporated noise reduction features not found in similar circuits so you can really crank this one.

Board Dimensions (W x H) 1.83” x 1.46” ca. 46.35 mm x 37.12 mm

Build Document

Always use the Forum's Layout Gallery Page for each individual circuit for the most information, mods and tips, that are not contained in the basic build document above.

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This item goes great with a Stage 3 Booster

Recommended accessories:

1. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms™ .

2. 3PDT Wiring Boards .

3. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire.

4. DC Power Jacks 2.1mm

5. Common Anode LED (Optional to Standard LED)

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