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TONE TWEQ - 3 Band Active EQ - Boutique your Build


This is an active, true tone control or equalizer. It is useful for both guitar and bass instruments. Each band will boost or cut the signal. Start with each control in the center or 50% position. Turn the control clockwise, CW to BOOST and counter-clockwise, CCW to CUT the signal. After achieving the desired tone setting, adjust the final volume level to suit. 

Besides being useful as a pre-set tone change to be punched in for solo’s or to change guitars from humbuckers to single coils, etc. It may also be useful in combination with certain effects either on the pedal board or as a built-in board in a combo pedal.

More importantly : The Tone TwEQ can be used to inject , or bypass a lame tone control in an existing circuit or simply place it in series to an existing circuit in several ways because of its small size. Read More Here

Interestingly a commercial company released a similar circuit (5) months after the Tone TwEQ release. Please note GuitarPCB is not affiliated with Mad Professor™ More Here.

Please note the photo on the left of the Tone TwEQ inside a 125B enclosure for scale. Yes, it could actually fit standing up to save room!  8)

Board Dimensions (W x H) only - 1.96” x 1.20” inches.

Build Document

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The demo above is used as a stand alone but will make a great Active Tone Control for a Combo pedal that will work with just about any circuit.

 Some of our Tone TwEQ'd circuits by Trom:

Mod Note: Standard 6 string Guitarists who play loud and do not wish any possible sub-harmonics leaking through can populate C1 and C2 with a 68n to 100n capacitor instead of 220n, making it Bass Ready.

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