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* PCB Secure Mounts - 9-Pack


USA Sales Only!

Canada and Europe. Please Contact Me for an International Invoice!

The slot in nylon holders will perfectly fit all GuitarPCB boards

2 to 4 holders per board. (Board need varies)

Because of the rounded edge there are many ways to sneak these in places on our boards and then secure them to your enclosure with the handy sticky bottom.

Once you are happy with placement you may use epoxy or Super Glue to permantly secure the mounts to the enclosure.

Should fit most circuit boards and Vero projects!

Great for Combo Pedals! Be Creative!


For tighter builds please try our famous GPCB Pot Condoms for perfect antistatic protection while mounting boards over potentiometers. See this Handy Guide by Playsforfun for an excellent tutorial and build guide.


USA Only!

Due to shipping restrictions. Contact Me for an International Invoice.


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