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[GPCB] Common Anode BiColor - Blue/Green 5mm LED [5-Pack]


This is the Common Anode 5mm Bi-color Blue/Green LED 5-Pack you need for all GuitarPCB circuits including the 3PDT Wiring Board. All Common Anode LEDs are Clear [not diffused].


BiColor are also great for showing different Mods by color as well as On/Off status.


Do not use a Metal Bezel with these unless you use heat shrink or wire stripping for "trannie trousers" other wise us a Plastic Bezel, or no Bezel at all.


These Black Plastic Bezels are perfect for Bi-Color LED's and prevent shorting.

Tip: Use a flat coin battery 5v or less to hand test for color and function.

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