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4 Track Fuzz - Fuzz/Tape Deck Saturation Tone


It’s an affliction of the mind that causes one to dwell on memories of “The Good Old Days”. Well, we found a cure for the nostalgia. It’s the new version of an old tone. We call it the “4 Track Fuzz”.

Based off the Mid-Fi Demo Tape Fuzz . If you want a clone, buy a real one!

Watch the Video:

Get that old style channel saturation sound in an easy to build circuit

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Build Document

Our version of this circuit is not a clone nor to be misrepresented as a one.

We have made several changes to our version of the circuit that we feel enhance it.

  1. 3PDT Wiring Boards .
  2. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire .
  3. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms
  4. TL072 IC Chip

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