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Sonic Tonic - Acoustic/Electric Instrument EQ/Enhancer


Are you tired of your acoustic's plugged in tone? It sure sounds great by itself but as soon as you plug it into your amp, it just loses something. You need some tonic! No, not a Gin and Tonic! Not a Vodka Tonic! You need the SONIC TONIC from GUITARPCB!

It’s more than just a preamp. It has an amazing dual band EQ that provides the transparent tone shaping that you need to make that acoustic guitar or other Electric Instruments sound like…well…like it’s supposed too!

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It’s based on a vintage circuit concept that uses modern components to provide a low and a high EQ contour to compensate for any pickup irregularities that discolor your tone. This gives you the TONIC to sweeten the sound and make that acoustic cut through the mix and sound authentic!

Here’s the best part! It also works great for ANY electric instrument! Guitar, Bass, keyboards, Etc.

It’s not a Gin and Tonic, nor a Vodka Tonic!

It’s the SONIC TONIC you need! Please play responsibly.

Build Document   <----

IC Components & more for this build:

1 - TL072

1 - TL074

Also try or handy 3PDT wiring boards

and Barry's Best Hookup Wire

DC Power Jacks 2.1mm
Common Anode BiColor LED - Red/Green
Plastic Bezels for Common Anode LEDs

Both potentiometers can be hand wired or you may directly solder the green 9mm pots to the circuit board. The orientation is correct. See Photo at left.

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