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Shredding Eagle - Shredders Rejoice with High Gain and Active EQ


Take a ride on this fabulous new OVERDRIVE and EQ combination. Go from clean, smooth overdrive to outrageous full blown SHREDDING tones that will blow your mind! SHREDDERS REJOICE!

The SHREDDING EAGLE combines a high gain overdrive with a full 3 band active Baxandall EQ stage and even adds a versatile PRESENCE control to shape the tone into a “I’m here NOW!” attention getter.

Watch the Video:

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Build Document

Our version of this circuit is not a clone nor to be misrepresented as a one.

Recomended Accesories:

  1. 3PDT Wiring Boards .
  2. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire .
  3. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms
  4. TL072 IC Chip

All needed values of 16mm Right Angle Pots can be purchased at Small Bear in the USA or Das Musikding in Europe. You may also hand wire if you choose.

PedalPartsandKits also carries Open Mini Jacks

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