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Black Dog - Pure Vintage HiWatt Style Tone


The Black Dog is a pure amp over-drive that offers some really authentic tones guaranteed to satisfy your desires. Not only will it provide the right amount of gain to lift your tones to the next level, but it also has a great passive three band equalizer to sculpt your tone!

Jimmy Page did not use distortion to mask his mistakes. He was all about tone. This circuit is an all Mosfet Stage circuit designed to emulate that sound based on their later albums.

Clean, powerful and true.

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Build Document

Our version of this circuit while comparable to the RAH is not a clone nor to be misrepresented as a one. If you want the real thing we reccomend you buy it.

Must Have:

BS170 Mosfet Transistor x 3 - Available at GuitarPCB HERE

Recommended Accessories:

  1. 3PDT Wiring Boards .
  2. Barry's Best Pedal Hookup Wire .
  3. Barry's Famous Pot Condoms
  4. Stage 3 Booster Add-On Board

All needed values of 16mm Right Angle Pots can be purchased at Small Bear in the USA or Das Musikding in Europe. Das Musikding carries Open Mini Jacks.

PedalPartsandKits USA also carries Open Mini Jacks - GuitarPCB Loves them.

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