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PHOTON PHUZZ - Mini Bundle


I think it was Alfred E. Neuman (of Mad Magazine fame), that once said “You can never have enough fuzz pedals on your boards.” Just when you thought you had a good fuzz in your gear, along comes another one that we a calling a “MUST HAVE!” From the creative genius of the great PINKJIMIPHOTON , a renowned master of the fuzz, GUITARPCB has collaborated to offer the PHOTON PHUZZ.

Limited time offer in Mini Bundle form.

Included in the Photon Phuzz - Limited Mini Bundle:

  • Photon Phuzz Main Board
  • BC109 or similar Transistor
  • 1N4739 Diode
  • 5pF Ceramic Capacitor
  • 470nF MLCC Capacitor

Build Document

If you really want to make this circuit scream with harmonic overtones put a Treble Booster or our P.U.RP. aka; Pump'd Up RangeMaster Plus in front of it. Use you r guitar volume for a plethora of unique tones.

Watch the Video Demo by Jimi himself:

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