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Add great reverb to any amp using this awesome four control circuit!

ADD VERB from slap back-style delay to natural room reverb and far beyond!  Thanks to the BTDR-3 Reverb Brick, this circuit allows you to add quality reverb to any amplifier at the stomp of a switch.


Considering the superb effect from a simple circuit, everyone at GuitarPCB agreed this is a real winner!


The four controls are: Volume, Reverb, Tone and Decay.  Everything needed for perfect reverb tone!

Build Document

$ 7.95

2 Knob Job

2 settings on 1 switch

This will allow you to use (2) potentiometers in place of any (1)  giving you instant access to two completely different settings at the stomp of your foot whether it be Volume, Gain, Delay, Tone, Ramp Modulation Speed etc.

Use either a Standard or Momentary 3PDT foot-switch.

Build Document

$ 1.79

3PDT Wiring Board

Simply the best available!

Works with most any circuit, regardless of company. Smallest profile, most features!  (3) 9v pads and (6) ground pads makes these the best choice for single pedals or combos. Saves wire with Pro results.

Use Common Anode LEDs or use a Standard On/Off LED .

Build Document

Sold Out!


High Quality 3PDT Buffer Board

This High Quality Buffer Board similar to ones used by high end boutique companies solders directly to your 3PDT Foot Switch and can be added to any circuit with ease giving you the signal strength you will need to maintain signal loss when using long cables or pedal boards with many patch cables.
It's small profile does not take up space and will fit into a 1590B enclosure along with your main board.

Build Document

$ 1.95

Easy Circuit Order Switcher
Uses 3PDT Toggle Switch

A small switching circuit that allows you to change the order of two circuits, within a single enclosure. Board Dimensions (W x H) 1.1” x 0.9” Uses 3PDT Toggle

$ 1.79

Easy Circuit Order Switcher
Uses 4PDT Foot Switch

A small switching circuit that allows you to change the order of two circuits, within a single enclosure. Board Dimensions (W x H) 1.1” x 0.9” Uses Foot Switch

Also uses an On-Board LED

$ 2.59

DPDT Wiring Board
Easy mods with DPDT Switches

Add Trimmers to either side of the board, reusable, change components without damaging Board or Switches. Add Sockets. Small, will fit into tight places.

$ 0.79

4 Track Fuzz
Tape Deck Style Saturation

It’s an affliction of the mind that causes one to dwell on memories of “The Good Old Days”.
We found a cure for the nostalgia. It’s the new version of an old tone. We call it the “4 Track Fuzz”.

Based off Mid-Fi Demo Tape Fuzz with changes.
If you want a clone, buy a real one.

Build Document

$ 5.95

Aeon Drive - Tone Machine
Tube Screamer Style Drive

Some may compare it to some similarities found in an Eternity™ but it is not a clone. Our version adds modding with the our exclusive on-board A/B pads. Take it to the next level!

Create your own unique options and make it truly yours!

Build Document

$ 4.95

After Blaster - Footswitch Mod
Adds an adjustable gain stage

A THREE-IN-ONE circuit. A switchable boost circuit that provides a very noticeable boost enhancement for any circuit . It can also provide a final tone balance to attenuate the output level of any circuit requiring one. Even better it fits right over your bypass foot switch and fits with main board!

Build Document

$ 5.95

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American Fuzz Pro
Fuzz Rite 60's style Fuzz

You may compare to the Fuzz Rite™ with an added gain stage, unique silicon transistors and enhancements to further reduce hiss without loss of tone.

An excellent choice for those American 60's style Fuzz Tones and Guitar Solos. We also incorporated noise reduction features not found in similar circuits so you can really crank this one.

Build Document

$ 5.95

Ancestral Apparition Reverb
Ultimate Reverb D'Lay combo

A "room expanding" effect for your pedal board! What makes it special is the unique blending of the reverb with ADDED DELAY! Adjust the ATTACK to add in just the right amount of DELAY! Use the DECAY control to add some feedback for even more space! Finally, turn up the DEPTH to sink your instrument deep into the cavern!

Build Document

$ 6.95

Angry Red Camel
Enhanced Red Llama™

A popular variant by Craig Anderton, plus a boost circuit (mix in as much or little as you need). Many circuits have been based off the Red Llama™ by Way Huge®.

Our addition of the additional booster stage sets us apart allowing tone and volume adjustments while keeping tone.

Build Document

$ 4.95

Apollo Tremolo
Ultimate Advanced Tremolo

The Apollo Tremolo is a highly advanced version of one of the most popular music effects ever made!
We took the original Tremulus Lune version to a new advanced level by adding several versatile features!

SPEED SHIFT for a dramatic speed change and a "KILL SWITCH" to silence the effect while maintaining a high quality buffered throughput.

Build Document

$ 6.95

Bass Overdriver - Boost to Medium Gain Bass Preamp

No one, until now, has offered something that works, with all the full, rich bottom-end that you need. Dial up those big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly drive, or chiming Entwistle - Squire style tone.

Requires Genuine JFETs & biasing.
I carry Genuine components!

Replicate an SVT, sound like Chris Squire, Jack Bruce, Grand Funk, or anything in between!

Build Document

$ 4.95

Blues Buster
Blues Breaker style w/ Mods

As the name implies it replicates tones found in the classic pedal based on the classic amplifier.

In typical GuitarPCB fashion it also does a whole lot more! Limited Edition in BLUE!

  • Clipping options all distinctive
  • On-Board Treble Trimmer
  • A/B Pads added for Modding
  • Morning Glory Style Mod

Build Document

$ 4.95

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Big Muff Pi - MUFF'N
10 Muff Builds w/ Mods

10 Muff Projects - choose from the 10 most popular versions.

Rams Head, Violet Ram, Triangle, 3rd Edition Creamy Dreamer, Foxy Lady, Green Russian Black Russian, Civil War, Mayo all w/ (5) Mods!

Build Document #1 -  Basic

Build Document #2 - Advanced Mods

$ 4.95

Big Muff Pi - Opamp Version

Opamp version of the Muff made famous by many guitarists. Easier opamp version with similar tones that were used in the late 70's.

Sounds amazing and heavy!

If you're looking for the traditional Big Muff or any variant of it, then you want the BMP Muff'n.

Build Document

$ 5.95

Black Dog - Amp Overdrive
includes FREE Mosfet Boost

The Black Dog is a pure amp over-drive that offers some really authentic tones guaranteed to satisfy your desires. It provides the right amount of gain to lift your tones to the next level but it also a great passive three band equalizer!

$ 6.95

Blues Power
Modded Peppermill

Blues Power is unique in that it combines a simple MOSFET boost stage with a JFET “tube” stage. Based off the R.O.G. Peppermill but with added clipping options and changed a value to add bass response.

As a result it can still be used as a boost but it can also work as an overdrive unit on its own. The perfect Modded Peppermill.

Build Document

$ 4.95

Buff N' Blend - Add-On Blend Go Pro with a Blend Control

Buff N' Blend gives you blending flexibility. Add complexity to your mix. By never fully clipping your waveform, stack multiple pedals. Fits easily. Blend and Stack pedals to create huge sounding riffs. Sole guitarists can fill out their sound with complex tones. Bass guitarists can make many guitar pedals "Bass friendly". Join leading boutique builders who now add a Blend Control!

Build Document

$ 3.95

Cap't Munch
Crunch Box™ Style Variant

Part of the Tube Screamer Family, but with Dual Op-Amps driving each other, while a pair of Clipping Diodes to Ground add extra Muscle.

Whiles some may compare this to a Crunch Box™ this circuit is unique and uses (2) IC chips instead of (1) for extra gain as well as a unique tone control section eliminating the need for a Presence Trimmer.

Build Document

$ 5.95

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ColorTone Bass Fuzz
with on-board Boost

If you love Fuzz Tones on Bass, we added something special to a classic. Based on the infamous Colorsound Bass Fuzz™ but with a killer enhancement adding an extra stage Boost control for even more flexibility than the original. Controls are Fuzz, Tone, Volume and Boost.

This is a Bass Players dream and sounds great on 6 string guitar.

Build Document

$ 5.95

ColorTone Overdrive
Colorsound™ Style 70's Classic

The classic Colosound Overdriver™ bridged the gap between Boost & Overdrive recreating many of those popular, but hard to get tones of the 70's. Now you to can build a similar style circuit without overpaying.

A favorite of Mr. Gilmour and Jan Akkerman of Focus among many.


We have added some modifications to the Original by adding a Master Volume Control and (a mod to smooth out the Gain Control).

Build Document

$ 5.95

Supa Fuzz Tone Bender

Journey with us back to the fabulous 60’s! Revisit the early days of guitar effects! Who can forget the classic sounds of the original fuzz effect as used by great performers like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.
Select from a variety of transistor options for variety. Go from classic clipping diodes to a wide variety of options. A variety of easy to find transistor options!

Build Document

$ 5.95

D'LAY - Analog style Modded
A GuitarPCB best seller

Based on an Analog Style Delay but with added Delay time of up to 350-400ms,  or slightly longer depending on quality of the PT2399 chip you use.

Many hours and trials went into perfecting this to be the best Analog sounding delay possible.

There are also many mods for this circuit including the War Drive located in the Layout Gallery in our Forum. Must Read.

Build Document

$ 6.95

Add Tap Tempo to our D'LAY

Add a Tap Tempo to our D'LAY board and will work with other PT2399 delays. This is an Advanced build which requires the Tap Tempo Chipset from ToneGod's site

Disclaimer: Project requires the Taptation Chip Set purchased separately in order to work. You can order the Chip Set by clicking on the link above.

This is an advanced build.

Support is limited to our circuit board & wiring only.

$ 3.95

Based on Riot™ Distortion

The Disturbance is a Medium to Heavy Gain Overdrive with three separate clipping options. On board pots and on board toggle switch holes that accepts the more affordable switch type with solder lugs.

This circuit while based off of a known boutique circuit but tweaked for the best possible tones. This is not to be misrepresented as a clone, but is a variant on a theme.

Build Document

$ 5.95

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Doctor Rock - Dyno Red
Warm Tube Style Overdrive

Articulate Full Stack in a Box!

Easily achieve Medium to High Gain Tones that don't change the tone of the Guitar used.

Make your amp sound like a full stack with ease.

A/B pads for extra modding.

$ 5.95

Dr. Phybes
Phaser Deluxe w/ Mods

Build an amazing Classic Phase 90 or switchable 45 style circuit!

This is an Advanced Build with many mods and capabilities.

Not recommended for beginners.

Matched Quad Sets sold below are required for Support help.

$ 6.95

DSOTM - Luna Style Fuzz Early Gilmourish Tones

One of the best Fuzz Face style circuits I've heard. Must have!

Easy build and its not fussy about transistor gain. On-Board 3PDT.

Early Gilmourish D.S.O.T.M. era to some wild Hendrix Sustain with a twist of the Guitar Volume!

Brilliant and very usable dual tone controls.Trimmer for more or less Gain to accommodate for pickups.

$ 6.95

DVF - Dual Voice Filter
Cocked Wah w/ Overdrive

The DVF (Dual Voice Filter) is based on a 70's circuit by Craig Anderton. We then added on-board distortion. Completely moddable.

Used for guitar per the Video Demo, consider for Harmonica and more.

The circuit comprises four stages:
· Input gain stage
· Low to mid frequency sweep filter
· Mid to high frequency sweep filter
· Mixing stage

$ 6.95

EA Tremolo w/ Boost
LFO Bypass & Rate LED

  1. A flashing LED that shows the speed of the LFO has been added. Internal or External mounted for knowing the speed before switching.

  1. A “Kill Switch” (SW 1) has been added. Closing the switch shorts the LFO leaving you with just the excellent sounding buffer for improved Guitar Tone without the Tremolo effect!
  2. This is now a 2 in 1 effect.

$ 5.95

Emerald Ring - Add Octave
Tone to any Fuzz or Gain

Emerald Ring is designed to be an easy add-on , to just about any Fuzz, or Gain circuit you wish to add an Octave tone to. By driving the Emerald Ring with a Fuzz Face [nice tonal variety] or other, such as Angry Red Camel ,  Emexar, result in much stronger octave/harmonics and less gating splatter.

Remember the Purple Platypus™ or the Piercing Moose™ . Now you may build a similar project and save the $500+ price tag on eBay.

The Emerald Ring works extremely well with many Fuzz/Gain circuits. 

$ 5.95

MicroAmp, Dist+ or DOD
Classic Circuit Modder Dream

Build the best of any 3 and then Mod them to suit your taste.

These work great for Bass!

Don't forget a Tone TwEQ and make this one BADASS circuit! 

The Micro Amp™ version, Dist+™ as well as the DOD250™ all have Bass Mods! GuitarPCB is not affiliated with MXR™ Dunlop™ or any of there products.

You will have the ability to build any one of (3) classic pedal style designs including a work-alike of the Dist+ ™, DOD250 ™, or Micro Amp ™. Even a YJM308 ™ .

$ 5.95

Killer Bee
Killer version of a "Honey style" classic!

The Killer Bee does more than just make honey! Where this circuit shines, is for those using an already overdriven tube amp.

What makes our version “Killer” is the addition of a foot switchable boost for even more sustain and volume. Instantly add more gain and sustain under any setup than could not be achieved using a similar circuit and still have the ultimate in touch sensitive expression.

Build Document

$ 4.95

MKC stands for the
Best Modified Klon Circuit

Many great enhancements making a classic even better!

*Ultra Drive Mod - Kick in an extra gear that is totally adjustable!

*Fat Boost Mod - We incorporated a switchable Fat Boost Mod so you can now use the Klonstyle tone on Bass with excellent results, or just fatten up your guitar sound.

$ 6.95

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Mastadon Fuzz
2016 - 3PDT Version

SERIOUSLY HUGE FUZZ! Defined controls that yield massive fuzz that both bites and growls. The Pinch control really shines. Thunderous gated tones or smooth Fuzz Face like tones are easily dialed in.

Excellent for both Bass and standard tuned 6 string guitars. Some may compare to the Zvex Woolly-Mammoth™ however this is not a clone nor should it be misrepresented as one.

$ 3.95


The MINI-ME Chorus is based on the warm analog sound of the vintage 70's chorus pedals. The circuit is isolated into two parts, each separately grounded for noise free operation. It also contains On-Board Potentiometers and will easily fit into a 125B enclosure.

Specially designed for low noise operation , in high gain environments. No Loss of Signal when engaged. Smooth, lush chorus tones!
Can also be used for Bass guitar

$ 6.95

Mo-Wah - Super Moddable Wah Pedal Board

An Advanced Wah Circuit Build with many capabilities.

It will accept most any Fasel.

This is a modified circuit we believe enhances capabilities beyond that of the usual suspects. As per the build documents there are many mods that can be added as you see fit (pick and choose), however we believe just the basic circuit itself is still a vast improvement.

$ 5.95

MoRC - Ross Compressor

MoRC stands for Modified Ross Compressor only 1.85" x 1.90"

Quiet and Transparent Compressor It can get squashy when you turn it up for Classic Country licks.

Long and Sustaining Solos as per the Gilmour feel are easily attained with this circuit.

It has the standard Level and Sustain knobs as well as an on board switch which further enhances this circuit beyond the original to provide you with three separate attack modes for picking styles.

Sold out!

$ 6.95

Orange Amp Style
Combo Bundle

Get your Orange Amp style tone on now with the new Orange Combo Bundle from GuitarPCB.

By combining our classic Cap't Munch circuit in addition to the amazing Tone TwEQ you can easily achieve that classic Orange style tone using Orange style distortion in tandem with a 3 band active EQ.

Build separate pedals or make a master combo. Either way when used in tandem you will have a spectacular amount of heavy tones to release your inner Rock Star!

You get the Cap't Munch circuit as well as the Tone TwEQ in a set.

Cap't Munch Build Document
Tone TwEQ Build Document

$ 9.95

One Knob Fuzz
Colorsound™ Style

Based on the unique classic Colorsound "Fuzz Box" of the 60's with a huge influence on both 70's and Doom style Fuzz tones and chord bashing riffs.

Unique to our version is the addition of A/B pads at the output for further modification. Each board contains Pads for the direct mount of a potentiometer.

Those who have played one before know it may have been a One-Trick pony it sure was a Sonic Eargasm of Fuzz Tone.

$ 3.95

Over Drive Circuit
w/ Tone Centralizer Mod

You may compare to similarities found in other Tubescreamer™  style circuits, but with some interesting changes we believe enhance the Tone section we call the Tone Centralizer Mod.

Using our unique GuitarPCB Mod Boards (see PCB Shop) you may further modify this Over Drive Circuit to suit any playing style or guitar/amp rig.

This is not a clone nor should it ever be misrepresented as one.

$ 5.95

Paramix - Best Effects Loop True Mix - Phase Correction

Mix any amount of Wet w/ dry signal.

The phase switch ensures that both signals at the mix are in phase with each other. If the effect is a delay or echo, you can use the “Kill Switch” to cut off the signal to the delay and still preserve the “tails” at the mix stage. No Ratios = True Mix!

A great way to Mix full-blown distortion with the gritty attack of your dry sound for added clarity. Or, just inject a little shimmer to your tone by adding in just the right amount of chorus or phase.

Correct Insert Jacks must be used!

$ 6.95

Plexi-Plus - Parallel channels w/ True Plexi Amp style tone

It uses individual JFET gain stages to create the ultimate variety in distortion. No op-amps or clipping diodes. Original Plexi Owners would use a patch cable to connect 2 of the inputs together.
This is what Plexi-Plus does by using two stages in parallel, one for the bright channel, and one that ties in the fat tone of a full stack. Together you can come up with your own unique tones. Even plug in a bass and it's Bass Ready.

$ 6.95

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Roto-Tone Mod Switch
4 Way Mod includes switch

A valuable tool allows pedal fanatics reach new levels of creativity! This compact switch and board combo gives you the ability to change out 4 different tonal combinations with a simple quick turn of the dial.

* Select different combinations of diodes to provide new tones
* Change capacitors to select different tones or speed settings
* Change out resistors to modify gain settings, volume levels or
Modify both resistors or diodes and capacitors at the same time
* Trimmers - Yes socket everything

Layout Gallery Guides
Must be Signed In

$ 4.95

Shredding Eagle
Distinct High Gain Distortion

Go from smooth overdrive to full blown SHREDDING tones that will blow your mind!


with Full Tone Control!

The SHREDDING EAGLE combines a high gain overdrive with a full 3 band active Baxandall EQ stage and adds a versatile PRESENCE!

Build Document

$ 5.95

Squishy Octopus
DOD280 Style Compressor

For the guitarist who wants that "can't tell when it's on but miss it when it's gone" style compression. But it also has a good amount of squish on tap if you want it.

Show your guitar or bass signal who's boss!

Level or Comp knob dials in the amount of compression you want.

Volume knob controls your overall volume.

Build Document

$ 5.95

Stage 3 Booster Mini Version

For those that want to squeeze the famous Stage 3 Tone Boost into even smaller places including 1590A's, Combo Pedals, On-Board Guitar Preamps & more!

This is an amazing Tone Boost that will bring life back to your Guitar and Amp combo and also add some sparkle to your other Dirt and Overdrive pedals!

Amazing for Standard Guitar or Bass. Great Phase Correction!

$ 5.95

Super Sonic SS-02
Floydian style O.D.

A Super Sonically fantastic recreation of an outrageously expensive British offering that will leave you smiling in the “pink”.

Team it up with our famous G-02 Animal to make a familiar pair that even Sir David would love!

Get the hint? Get the Super Sonic 02 and create your own tones!


SWAH AutoWah
Sounds more like a real wah

While some may compare this project to the Snowwhite Autowah™ it's not a clone. We have modified the Circuit to what we believe enhances it's capabilities.

We recommend a 125B or larger enclosure for less experienced hands.

Build Document

Sold Out!

$ 6.95

Add-On 3 Band Active EQ
Boutique your Build

This is an active, true tone control or equalizer. It is useful for both guitar and bass instruments. Each band will boost or cut the signal. Start with each control in the center position. Turn the control clockwise, to BOOST and counter-clockwise, to CUT the signal. Adjust the final volume level to suit your circuit.

Tone TwEQ can be used to bypass a lame tone control in an existing circuit or simply place it in series to an existing circuit in several ways because of its small size. Or build a stand-alone EQ.

Build Document

$ 4.95

Tube Screaming Ultra
808, Landgraffe, KOT & Trower

An advanced Tube Screamer design with many unique options and build styles. Build it stock or mod it to the max the final result is going to sound amazing!

The T.S.U. features a three way-tone switch (LED - tube tone - Diode Lift - Germanium or Silicon Diodes). Build the main circuit using your choice of Landgraffe or Trower style values. Double it up for a K.O.T. style build. Use a vintage chip for an 808 style.

Build Document

$ 5.95

The "VIBE"
By GuitarPCB

Remember those Vibrolicious Tones inspired by guitar greats like Trower, Gilmour and Hendrix?

Now you can build your very own Vibe pedal without the complexity of a large boards or huge part count.

It requires a perfectly matched quad set of 2N5952 FETs available here!

$ 6.95

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V6 Drive
Vintage Vox amp tone

So, when is a V6 better than a V8? You got it!! - V6 by GPCB 

This is a must have analog amplifier simulator board!

Baxandall style tone circuit with plenty of Boost or Cut on Bass and Treble. Vintage Fender™ and Vox™ amp style tones on Steroids. Plenty of gain or clean jangle. Whatever you need!

Build Document

$ 5.95

XX Double Shot Dual Boost

When one boost is not enough the XX Double Shot will expand your sonic palette allowing you to fully explore two unique boost tones either separately or in tandem.

Use only our Genuine J113 and 2N5457 transistors for best tone.

Much more versatile than any Super Duper™ could hope to be!

Be clean or aggressive as you desire at the stomp of a switch!

$ 5.95

Zenith Mini Drive

One of our best sellers.

Inspired by a legendary amplifier & guitarist, the Zenith Mini will allow you to dial in amazing blues, rock, country and jazz tones using four controls associated with the finest Dumble style tones.

Board Dimensions (W x H) only 1.36” x 1.36”


Also note the new Tim-Zee style mod in the build document.

$ 5.95

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Common Anode BiColor Blue/Green 5mm LED 5-Pack

$ 1.59

Common Anode BiColor Red/Blue 5mm LED 5-Pack

$ 1.29

Common Anode BiColor Red/Green 5mm LED 5-Pack

$ 1.29

1 - 2N5457 Genuine Transistor

(1) authentic 2N5457 Transistor from my personal stash.There are many counterfeits. This is one of the most important parts of your build so buy genuine in-spec transistors that are in specifications with the datasheets compared to others.

$ 1.29

1 - Large Flat Knob

1 - Large Flat Knob
Great for Foot Control.

1-5/16" with a 1/4" shaft

Perfect for The Vibe or any other pedals requiring a large radius to easily manipulate with your foot while playing to change a particular setting such as SPEED.

Great for Dr. Phybes Phaser or The VIBE circuit boards and more.

$ 2.50

2N5952 Genuine
Hand Matched Quad Set

Perfectly Matched Quad Set of 2N5952s for our Dr. Phybes Phaser or The Vibe.

GuitarPCB = Quality

$ 9.95

1 - J113 JFET  - "Genuine" replacement for MPF102

this will do everything the MPF102 will do and is a perfect replacement for this transistor in any of our circuits.Use for Angry Red Camel Stage 3 Booster, V6, SD70's or any circuit you need an authentic replacement that works just as powerfully as the original NOS MPF102s.

They feature that same pinout and sonic characteristics of the MPF102.

I guarantee these are 100% genuine JFETs perfect for pedals.

$ 0.99

1 Pair of Germanium Diodes
100% Hand Tested

100% hand tested N.O.S. Diodes

Guaranteed not to fail.

Use for our MKC, G-02, Super Sonic SS-02 circuits & more!

Each Diode is measured with a Peak Atlas DCA55 and then re-measured after applying the heat test as seen in this video link.

Diodes are quality with firm leads and glass so won't chip or break.

$ 2.49

Original Anti-Static Pot Condom™ 12-Packs

USA ONLY - Due to shipping restrictions.

GuitarPCB Original Pot Condoms™ 

Make it look good under the hood while and protect your Circuit Board from shorting out. Soft, ant-static barrier you can feel.


When adding to cart choose from Red, Violet or Black - 12-Packs.   All three colors match Barry's Best Hookup Wire.

$ 3.99

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5k - 6mm Trimmer 5-Pack

Perfect fit for any GuitarPCB Builds and are excellent quality, snap firmly into place before soldering and are a low profile trimmer and very easy to work with top mount adjustment.

$ 1.19

10k - 6mm Trimmer 5-Pack

Perfect fit for any GuitarPCB Builds and are excellent quality, snap firmly into place before soldering and are a low profile trimmer and very easy to work with top mount adjustment.

$ 1.19

100k - 6mm Trimmer 5-Pack

Perfect fit for any GuitarPCB Builds and are excellent quality, snap firmly into place before soldering and are a low profile trimmer and very easy to work with top mount adjustment.

$ 1.19

500k - 6mm Trimmer 5-Pack

$ 1.19

1M - 6mm Trimmer 5-Pack

$ 1.19

Genuine Factory Direct
NSL-32 Opto Coupler
For Apollo or Squishy Project

$ 5.95

Barry's Best Hookup Wire - Tinned and Bonded is back!
USA Orders Only! Due to size and weight International Package Rates are too costly.

1. 24 Gauge Wire that is Bendable and Shape-able just like a Solid Core but will not break or snap off.

2. Even better yet the wire is Tinned and Bonded using a Special Bonding Process that is simply the best that I have ever used to date. See Customer Reviews

Wire is sold in 10' foot sections (6 available colors).

If ordering more than 10' of a single color it will be wrapped as a single wrap most often.

Use the Drop Down box to choose your color!


$ 2.49 per 10' feet.
Usually single wrapped.
Sorry due to shipping restrictions - US only.

Watch this Screencast Video to see why wire it is too costly to ship internationally.

J201 Genuine Fairchild - 5pc. Pack

5 Pack of "Genuine" N.O.S. J201 JFETs.

Don't cheap out on the most important part of your builds. These are from a Factory Sealed Fairchild Ammo Pack of 2,000. Guaranteed Genuine is a rare find in a market saturated with "Fakes"

$ 6.95 for 5-Pack
Mandatory for a proper build!

PCB Secure Mounts - 9-Pack

The slot in nylon holders will perfectly fit all GuitarPCB boards. 2 to 4 holders per board.

$ 3.95 for 9-Pack